UK’s leading cheese supplier launches new “nightmarish” Halloween cheese

The UK’s number one blended and snacking cheese supplier has launched a new seasonal cheese for Halloween that could give foodies a bit of a “nightmare”.

Ilchester®, which has ranges of both dairy and plant-based cheeses, has teamed up with Morrisons to introduce Nightmare on Market Street, a cheddar cheese blended with smoky chipotle and chilli jam. It is a taste sensation for food lovers who appreciate a Smokey Chipotle and Chilli flavour profile.

The smoky chipotle and chilli ingredients give a nice smoky and spicy flavour to complement the mild and mellow flavour of the Ilchester cheddar, which makes it the perfect cheese with “heat” for Halloween. 

Best used to make Halloween party food, such as Smoky Chipotle Chilli Witches Fingers Cheese Straws and Smoky Chipotle Chilli Stuffed Spooky Peppers. Add some smoky flavour and heat and crumble on top of jacket potatoes, mac ‘n’ cheese and fries. Or simply slice onto hot dogs or burgers and give the whole family a Halloween (trick or) treat.

Talking about Ilchester’s new Halloween launch, Lisa Harrison, Marketing Manager for Ilchester, says: “We know how popular cheddar cheese with a little bit of mild spicy, smoky flavour is, which is why we have chosen the smoky chipotle with chilli jam, which is the perfect “ghoulish” complementary ingredients to our Ilchester cheddar this Halloween.

“Previous cheeses that we have launched in the autumn and winter that have a bit of “heat” have proved really popular and we are hoping that Nightmare on Market Street will be a great new seasonal cheese for foodies who are hosting their very own Halloween parties this October.”

Ilchester’s Nightmare on Market will be available at all Morrisons deli counters across the country from 10 October and will RRP at £1.30 for 100g.


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