• World Cup fans set to spend £2bn across the tournament
  • Ongoing cost-of-living crisis and winter tournament lead to £413 million drop in spend vs. 2018
  • 26.5 million people are expected to cheer on the Three Lions from home, friends’ houses, and offices
  • UK shoppers set to spend £1 billion on food and drink to enjoy at home across the competition
  • Hospitality spend set to be down 10% on 2018 tournament at £395 million 


With the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicking off on Sunday 20th November, football fans are expected to spend £413 million less during the tournament compared to the 2018 competition, a new report reveals.

The 2022 World Cup Spending Report1 by shows consumers are expected to spend £2 billion across the tournament – 17.1% less than the last World Cup (£2.4 billion).

With the competition being held during winter for the first time ever, data shows the colder weather combined with the current cost-of-living crisis will have a big impact on sales.

More people than ever (26.5 million) will be cheering on their team from home, friends’ houses and even offices, and an estimated £1.6 billion will be spent by fans at retailers stocking up ahead of the matches, down 19% vs. 2018 (£1.9 billion).

The majority of spend will go on food and drink, which accounts for £1 billion of total retail sales. However, as several games overlap with the Black Friday period, consumers will also shop for TV electrical goods (£318.8 million), sportswear (£197.1 million) and souvenirs (£61.3 million) in preparation for the big games – sales in all categories have fallen vs. 2018.

During the group stage (20th November – 2nd December) sales are set to peak, with fans spending £1.01 billion in retail stores. Smaller sums are expected to be spent across the round of 16 (£273.3 million), quarter-finals (£182.5 million), semi-finals (£85.3 million) and the final match (£48 million). This is due to the expectation that England will only make it to the quarter-finals before being ousted from the competition.

Total 2022 FIFA World Cup predicted retail spend by tournament stage


Retail spend (£m) Group stage Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Finals
Food & Drink  629.3 174.4 121.1 63.6 36.8
Sportswear  121.8 34.7 28.3 7.7 4.5
Souvenirs  34.7 11.2 9.4 3.8 2.3
TV Electricals  227.3 53.0 23.7 10.2 4.5
Total retail  1,013.1 273.3 182.5 85.3 48.0

Hospitality venues are set to see a smaller boost due to the tournament taking place during the winter months. Despite this, almost 20 million are set to tune into matches from pubs, bars, and restaurants. This will generate £395.3 million in sales – a 10% decrease on hospitality spend during the 2018 World Cup (£439 million).

Over the course of the tournament, UK consumers are predicted to spend £117 million on food and £278 million on drink in hospitality venues.

Total predicted hospitality spend for the 2022 FIFA World Cup


Group stage Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final Total
Food and drink spend (£m) 205.2 95.0 51.5 27.7 15.9 395.3
Visitors (m) 5.8 3.2 6.2 2.6 2.3 20.0

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