Fresh Relevance Unveils 12 Ecommerce Predictions for 2023

Fresh Relevance Unveils 12 Ecommerce Predictions for 2023

Omnichannel Optimization and Pragmatism Will Be Essential 

to Maximize Online Sales in 2023

LONDON, 15th DECEMBER 2022, Fresh Relevance has today published the 12 top trends in eCommerce marketing that will help businesses selling online maximize revenue opportunities in 2023.

The insights are published by Fresh Relevance in the new, free-to-download eBook ‘12 eCommerce Marketing Trend Predictions for 2023’. They are provided by a wide range of respected industry experts, including Fresh Relevance, Klaviyo, Magnolia, Paase, Poq, eHouse Studio, JH, Holistic Email Marketing, eCommerce MasterPlan, Irish Titan, and Space 48. 

CEO and co-founder of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, states: “The year ahead will in all probability present some challenges, with an expected fall in consumer confidence and ongoing supply chain issues in some sectors.” 

Austin adds: “However, online businesses have proven themselves resilient in the face of adversity in recent years. The key to success is constantly challenging the modus operandi. Using automation and AI for time-intensive manual tasks, such as selecting product recommendations, personalising emails or running tests, will be more important than ever. This will allow organisations to engage with customers in an efficient and profitable way, whilst protecting and growing their business during this tougher economic climate.”

The 12 ecommerce trends and predictions for 2023 are…

  1. Moving on from manual A/B testing.
  2. The need to find marginal gains.
  3. The website as an anchor in an omnichannel world.
  4. A shift to more customer-centric communications.
  5. The growing importance of the app.
  6. The competitive advantage from getting to know customers better.
  7. A renewed focus on lifecycle marketing.
  8. An increase in optimized lifestyle marketing programs.
  9. An increased focus on web conversion and optimization. 
  10. Ecommerce and marketing teams become more pragmatic.
  11. Facebook is no longer the king of social media.
  12. The return of the traffic mix.

Austin concludes: “At the moment, eCommerce businesses are establishing their 2023 priorities on shaky ground. Yet, by identifying the drivers that will have the most impact on plans for the year ahead, organizations will be able to weather the storm and even accelerate their performance.”


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