Leclerc is taking a highly sustainable approach to its business

To cope with its development (from 150 employees when it moved to Parc-Lann in 1999 to 350 today), the hypermarket wants to offer more comfort to its staff, “with an extension on the east side (on the Leclerc cultural side). The social premises will thus increase from 285 sq.m. to 522 sq.m., making it possible to enlarge the changing rooms, the break rooms, to offer more space for relaxation and to improve the refectory.”
Photovoltaic panels

Leclerc is taking a highly sustainable approach to its business by installing nearly 3,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels on the shaded areas covering part of the hypermarket’s main parking lot. “This installation will make it possible to cover nearly 25% of the store’s energy needs, and will provide customers with a total of 28 recharging points for electric vehicles (20 in the main parking lot under the shades and 8 in the covered parking lot, the entrance to which is on rue Jacques-Rueff),” explains the manager. We are providing a new local service to our customers, in the continuity of the two drives on Avenue de La Marne and Atlantheix, which continue to grow and now account for 15% of our turnover,” explains Jean-Christophe Rigobert, director of the supermarket chain. The 117 sq. m. premises will include a 47 sq. m. order collection counter, a reception area, a rest area for the staff and 70 sq. m. of storage space.
The principle is simple: all you have to do is place an order online. “A few hours later, the customer will be able to pick up his order on foot, by bike or by bus, and why not by car, since the premises are less than 50 meters from the Place de la Libération.” The service is free, its offer is composed of about 12,000 references identical to those offered in the other two drives. The store will be open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 to 7 p.m. It will be supplied several times a day by small trucks, depending on the orders received.
An expansion at Parc-Lann

The historic hypermarket, located in Kerlann, is going to expand its walls. After an appeal by its competitor Carrefour, the National Commission for Commercial Development unanimously gave its approval on December 8 to the project to expand its sales area by 451 sq.m. This new space will enable the company to expand its range of household appliances. The first floor of the extension, which will be connected to the parking lot, will house the car rental service, which has doubled in size in recent years. The after-sales service and the parcel collection point will also be installed there. However, work is not expected to start before early 2024.
The Leclerc store in Parc-Lann is going to expand its walls. It will expand its sales area by 451 m² in 2024.
The Leclerc of Parc-Lann will push the walls. It will increase its sales area by 451 m² in 2024. CABINET ALINEA
New social premises


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