The Head in the Sand Approach to MAP And a product’s shelf life extension

Understanding and optimizing how vapour permeability so dramatically effects the shelf-life of products in MAP packaging materials is hard.  There are two approaches – the head in the sand approach or practical testing. Versaperm has introduced a MAP testing service to measure the critical vapour permeability for packaging and materials based around its new high-speed testing equipment – which can often turn around results within 24 hours, instead of the weeks taken by conventional testing techniques.

Vapour permeability testing has led to a four to eightfold shelf-life extension for food some products.  Getting it wrong can actually reduce shelf life and quality.

Versaperm can test and measure vapour permeability not just for client’s material samples but also for their packed products in their MAP packaging  – for virtually any type of package or configuration.  Permeability can not only be measured not just for common water vapour problems but for oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, and all other MAP gases.

It is important to have the ability to measure both material samples and finished products as manufacturing, sealing and packaging processes can substantially change a package’s permeability.

Results are accurate in the parts per million or parts per billion ranges depending on the material and vapour.  Where desired Versaperm can also control environmental conditions such as temperature and pressure, even across diurnal and seasonal cycles.

As well as its sample testing Versaperm develops and manufactures its own ranges of vapour testing equipment which are used by companies, universities, and national standards laboratories around the world.


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