Spain – Mercadona raises its workers’ salaries

Most staff at rival supermarkets enviously compare Mercadona employees’ salaries because they are by far the highest compensated. As in any other place with comparable qualities, the work is challenging at Mercadona, but unlike other supermarkets, they are paid more and are closed on public holidays.

As Juan Roig’s chain already did in 2022, Mercadona is going to raise the salaries of the almost 100,000 workers it employs in 2023 so that they do not lose purchasing power, so from this January the chain’s employees will be paid 5.7% more, coinciding with the inflation that closed the month of December 2022.

But that’s not all, because salary supplements will also be increased this year, and people who start working full time at Mercadona again will receive 1,507 euros compared to the 1,425 euros they received just a month ago. From the second year onwards, workers who currently receive 1,543 euros will receive 1,630.95 euros gross, and workers who have been working for three years will receive 1,810.16 euros compared to the 1,712.55 euros they receive now. Those who will see the biggest increase in their gross salary will be those in their fourth year, who will receive €2,009.33 from €1,901.55.


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