To protect the environment, Tesco teabags will undergo “massive” alteration.

Tea drinkers, rejoice: Tesco will soon make its own brand teabags in a more ecologically responsible manner. Tesco recently made this announcement.

The grocery store is starting the process of using food caddies to make all of its teabags biodegradable. By the summer, every tea bag sold by Tesco—more than a billion bags annually—will be biodegradable.

Since many years ago, teabag producers have employed a material called polypropylene to heat seal the bags, preventing the contents from leaking out once they are placed in a box or when hot water is poured over them.

Nevertheless, Tesco will soon start selling plant-based tea bags that will enable customers to compost their tea bags as part of kerbside food waste collection programs.

According to a recent Tesco poll, consumers are divided on how to dispose of their used teabags, with millions having done so inadvertently.


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