Bavaria, Germany- Revolution in the supermarket? Edeka tests ‘Smart Shopper’

New generation shopping trolleys: no more analogue. A pilot project in Bavaria wants to test how intelligent shopping trolleys are received by customers. The “smart shoppers” are supposed to bring a number of advantages to shopping – for shoppers and staff.


An Edeka branch in Fürth is testing intelligent shopping trolleys. According to the Edeka , the “Smart Shopper” is very user-friendly. The pilot project costs 250,000 euros to implement and is being tested throughout Bavaria.

A display is attached to the handle of the smart shopping trolley, and a barcode scanner is attached to the screen by a cable. A sensitive scale is built into the frame of the trolley. The use is considered relatively uncomplicated. The purchase can be started at the touch of a finger. Each product that customers want to buy can be scanned individually and placed in the shopper.

How to operate the device?

Vegetables and fruit are first weighed, then labelled with a barcode sticker and can then also be scanned. On the clear display, customers see a list of the scanned products, including their quantity and price. At the end of the list, the total amount of the trolley contents can be read. At the end of the shopping trip, customers can use one of the self-service terminals, scan the purchase via QR code and then pay in cash or by card.

what about the staff ?

No one will be fired! Management with clarification, the spokesman  emphasises that the “Smart Shopper” will not result in any staff savings. He says it is an additional offer to the customer and is intended to create easier conditions in the supermarket. “We could employ 15 people at any time. We always have vacancies”.



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