EROSKI joins the Too Good To Go mobile application to combat food waste

Eroski gives a second chance to surplus food and gives its customers the possibility of acquiring surprise packs at reduced prices with a wide variety of quality foods that are about to reach their best-before date.

The project began in June 2022 and the good reception given to the initiative and its correct development has meant that the collaboration has been progressively extended to other establishments in the chain. To date, Eroski has already implemented the Too Good To Go app in 311 establishments -supermarkets and hypermarkets- in its commercial network in Navarre, the Basque Country and La Rioja.

Since the pilot phase began, Eroski has already saved more than 57,000 food packs, the equivalent of more than 57 tons of food that has not been wasted. This means having saved the emission of more than 142,000 kilos of CO2eq, the same as that produced by charging the batteries of 25 million cell phones.

The process for acquiring these packs is simple. Every day the establishment prepares surprise packs with the surplus it has had throughout the day and offers them through the app at a reduced price. The user reserves and pays for it through the app and picks it up at the establishment at the indicated time. The content of the packs can vary each day depending on the surplus at that time. In addition, users are not only helping to avoid wasting that food, but they will be saving, as the Eroski surprise packs are purchased for only €3.99 in the app although their content is valued at around 12 euros worth of product, which represents a saving of almost 70%.


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