This is how Rewe saving 73,000 tonnes of paper

Rewe has ambitious goals: From July 2023, the retail group will finally discontinue its printed brochure. A change that should save more than 73,000 tonnes of paper, 70,000 tonnes of CO2, 1.1 million tonnes of water and 380 million kilowatt hours of energy per year. For the most part, customers have reacted positively to the environmentally conscious plan, says Clemens Bauer, Marketing Manager at Rewe. But there have also been critical questions. For example, about the imminent danger of cutting off many – especially older – customers from communication.


In the case of the current W&V Executive Briefing, you can read how and with which measures Rewe is preventing this danger, which new digital offers are replacing the printed flyer and what the changeover has already brought not only to the environment but also to the company in terms of image.


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