Lidl Announces New Strategy to Increase Plant-Based Products and Reduce Animal Products

Lidl, the German cheap grocery operator, has announced ambitions to adopt a more sustainable business strategy until 2025, with a focus on lowering the quantity of animal-based items in its portfolio and expanding its selection of vegetable proteins.

According to Graf chief buyer for the 100-billion-euro retail giant, there is “no alternative” to this step; that as a species, we must live within the limits of the earth, and that this can only be accomplished by consuming less animal products. He claims such a shift is “unavoidable since there is no second planet.”

Furthermore, Graf views the inclusion of a broader plant-based offering as a competitive advantage for Lidl in attracting a younger target group. Details on the transition to a more plant-based assortment will be released following a study.

A major shift in world nutrition is required, and Lidl sees itself as having a responsibility to this end, as does the whole retail industry. Lidl’s goal is to excite clients through various marketing and activities that are motivating rather than prescriptive.

“All throughout the world, we need a more conscientious diet to nourish ourselves within our planetary boundaries,” he said.

source : vegconomist


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