The LuLu Group launches the ‘Australia Week’ celebration in all LuLu hypermarkets.

LuLu Group, the region’s leading retailer, launched its ‘Australia Week’ celebration to highlight the range of Australian items throughout all LuLu hypermarkets.

The event, which began on Sunday, is organized in partnership with Austrade, the commercial branch of the Australian embassy, with the purpose of promoting Australian products in the Qatari market.

Australian ambassador Jonathan Muir stated during the first event that Australian food and beverage goods had established “an excellent reputation” throughout the world for exceptional quality, fantastic value, and innovative production processes.

“Our products are also tailored to meet the specific needs of international markets, with many Australian companies specializing in organic and halal products, as well as those with reduced sugar, salt, and fat, preservative-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free,” Muir said during a speech at LuLu’s hypermarket in Giardino Mall on The Pearl Island.


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