Hungary, Lidl to use less animal protein in their products

According to German news sources, Lidl intends to sell less animal protein-containing items in the future, according to Index. Climate protection and green transition are driving the move, but the main concern is how customers will react to the new policy. Hungarians are probably guaranteed to be dissatisfied with the news, given polls show that they prefer animal-based goods.

According to the German news site Bild, Lidl believes that we do not have another Earth and that people should be encouraged to eat in an environmentally conscious manner. They predict that reducing meat consumption will only provide enough natural resources for 10 billion people.

The grocery company intends to create a big change, not least in its image, and to distinguish itself from its market competitors.

The grocery company does not intend to abandon meat-eating clients entirely, and they claim to want to provide a basic supply of all meals and products.

However, the question is whether selling fewer animal products in supermarkets is the appropriate path to go. Customers who enjoy meat and animal-based items and are unwilling to give them up might easily shift to another shop that offers a sufficient amount of these things.

Hungarians adore meat and animal products and find it difficult to embrace alternative lifestyles such as vegetarianism, veganism, or, more lately, eating insects. The European Union is progressively encouraging people to consume insects as a source of protein.



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