Alger: 28.01.2020 Forum d'affaires Alger-libyen en presence de ministre du commerce REZIG KAMEL.

Kamel Rezig: Ramadane 2021 consumers protection

Kamel Rezig, Minister of Commerce, met representatives of several food production companies. He also went to meet the representatives of the APOCE. That is to say the Association for the protection and guidance of consumers and their environment.

The official also met with representatives of the National Association of Traders and Craftsmen (ANCA). All this with a view to taking the necessary measures. The goal is to ensure supply to multiple markets. One evokes, among others, that of vegetables, milk, fruits or even semolina.

What the NAFC says
Hajj Tahar Boulenouar, president of ANCA, spoke in a statement. The editorial staff of the Arabic-language daily El Mihwar obtained a copy of the document. According to Boulenouar, the Ministry of Commerce has implemented several protocols to control the supply of the food market. Those of basic need in this case.

This will in particular ensure the consumer of quality products, harvested during the first half of the current year. The leader of the associative body added something else. He explained that the stocks of food and agricultural products are largely sufficient to meet the demand of Algerians.

According to him, she will therefore discover the needs of citizens during the month of Ramadan. The manager then announced an additional item. He revealed that the same department would take the necessary steps to allow the sale of food products at low prices. That of household and furniture products too. In addition to the sale of clothing.


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