Argentina- Carrefour hires Go2Future for the first autonomous shops.

This is the firt store in Argentina that is using this concept in the region of Buenos Aires, uses Go2Future miniGO technology with cameras on the ceiling and sensors incorporated into the shelves.

Customers’ selected purchases are immediately placed into a virtual cart through an app, and payment is performed upon exiting, eliminating the need for a traditional checkout. You may also buy online and pick up in-store or request home delivery.

“We are thrilled to be able to introduce unique purchasing options in Argentina,” says Pablo Lorenzo, CEO of Carrefour Argentina.

“We listen to our clients and consumers, and we understand that speed and simplicity are important while shopping. We strive to be up to the challenge, and we hope that customers will have an excellent shopping experience at Carrefour Flash.”

“We are an Argentine startup that develops artificial intelligence-based solutions to remove friction in modern shopping. “We established the country’s first autonomous shop in collaboration with Carrefour Argentina,” says Eduardo Luis Koglot, CEO of Go2Future.


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