Technology at the Forefront: Irish Retail Giants Innovate to Fight Cost of Living

With a bold move towards AI and tech-driven solutions, Ireland’s leading supermarkets partner with sourcing tech company Kwayga to ensure their customers can access the best products at fair prices, setting a new standard in grocery retail.

  • Ireland’s premier supermarkets are taking a stand to protect consumers from the full force of rising living costs, making a real difference in ensuring accessibility to the highest quality products at sustainable prices. 
  • Through partnerships with technology pioneers such as Kwayga, supermarkets are employing AI to optimise product sourcing and pricing strategies, showcasing an industry-wide embrace of innovation to tackle economic challenges.

Cork, May 14th, 2024 – In an ambitious move, Ireland’s leading supermarkets – including Dunnes Stores, Tesco Ireland and ALDI Ireland – are pioneering the integration of advanced technology to relieve cost of living pressures for their customers. This initiative marks a significant commitment to leveraging innovative solutions to ensure affordability and quality, reflecting an industry-wide effort to prioritise consumer needs in challenging economic times.

Kwayga is the leading B2B private label and trending supplier sourcing engine that transforms supply chain dynamics for supermarket buyers and food and drinks suppliers. With Kwayga AI- data driven technology, buyers cut sourcing times by 40% and increase the market visibility and trusted engagement for their buyers with potential new suppliers tenfold across Europe.

The use of AI-driven technologies and large data for supplier sourcing is central to this initiative, which improves product selection and pricing strategies, and speeds up sourcing. The collaboration with Kwayga and the supermarkets’ openness to embrace technology for the benefit of their customers demonstrates their dedication to finding new ways to deliver value and ensure that quality goods are accessible at fair prices. It reflects a proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by the rising cost of living through sustainable practices.

Mike McGrath, Kwayga CEO said: “We’re thrilled to support Ireland’s leading supermarkets in their mission to offer unparalleled value and quality to their customers. This collaboration underlines the power of technology to make a real difference in the lives of consumers, particularly in these challenging times. We’re proud to be part of this pioneering approach to retail.”

Martin Fitzgerald, Kwayga COO said: “Our technology is designed to empower retailers to make informed decisions that benefit their customers. Our partnership with these supermarkets signifies a shared vision for a more efficient, sustainable, and consumer-friendly future. “

This initiative marks a significant milestone in the retail industry, as Irish supermarkets take a bold step towards integrating technology into their operations. It’s a clear indication that in the face of economic pressures, innovation and technology can lead the way in delivering solutions that benefit consumers, retailers, and the broader community alike.


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