Union Coop in Dubai is providing a 25% discount on goods that will be donated to earthquake-stricken Turkey and Syria.

For everyone engaged in humanitarian aid and relief efforts in Turkey and Syria, Dubai’s Union Coop has provided a 25% discount on basic and other food and non-food items.


The death toll from Monday’s (Feb. 6) earthquake and significant aftershocks in Turkey and Syria reached over 30,000 and appeared to be continuing to rise, with the likelihood of discovering any further survivors becoming increasingly distant.

“… Discounts on necessities including tents, blankets, beds, towels, mats, detergents, food and non-food items, as well as other fundamental goods that may be given to the victims and their families, will be available from Union Coop. Additionally, Union Coop makes every effort to comply with any packaging-related requirements from the relevant authorities as part of its commitment to humanitarian and charity activities”, according to the government-backed store.

According to the statement, “This endeavor also falls within its national obligation arising from Emirati heritage and customs, on which the UAE community was founded.”

At the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (Adnec) and Expo City Dubai on Saturday, thousands of locals came together to collect and pack essential care packages for the victims of the devastating earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria earlier this week.



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