This is how Kaufland plans to deal with insect products

Kaufland talks about plans for products made from insects in supermarkets on the occasion of the new EU regulation. The food retailer surprises with it.

This new European Union (EU) regulation could mean a big change for the grocery trade. From now on, insects are allowed in food. To, Audi has recently already commented on its plans for the canteens in the group. Now Kaufland is also making a clear statement about its products and what it might look like in the future.

What many consumers do not even know, in many popular products from everyday life, are already insects contained – or at least parts of insects. For customers, it’s not always easy to see where the animals are. But how does the food giant Kaufland plan to deal with the changes brought about by the EU?

Kaufland surprises with statement on insect products in its assortment
When asked, Kaufland states that they offer their customers an “up-to-date and contemporary assortment”. And the food giant surprises with its statement. Because who would have thought that insects in food are not a big deal for those responsible: “Since 2019, we have therefore offered various foods made from insects.”



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