Système U chooses Generix Group for digital invoicing

Generix Group has been chosen as a Dematerialization Platform Partner to support U IRIS, Système U’s Information Systems department. This new process will concern all incoming and outgoing invoices processed by the group by July 2024.

Generix Group, a publisher of collaborative digital solutions for the Supply Chain and Commerce ecosystem and an operator in the digital invoice market for more than 20 years, announces that it has been chosen as a Partner Dematerialization Platform to support U IRIS, the U group’s Information Systems Department, with its Generix Invoice Services solution. This new process will concern all incoming and outgoing invoices processed by the group by July 2024

Système U is the 4th largest food distribution group in France. It includes the Hyper U, Super U, Marché U, U Express and Utile banners. The Groupement U is a network of independent retailers who sell national and private label consumer products in outlets operated under the U brand. The U group is present in France, represented by 73,000 employees and 1,700 points of sale, managed by associates and spread throughout the country.

As part of the upcoming implementation of the 2024-2026 tax reform, which requires French companies to receive and issue invoices in electronic format, U IRIS has entrusted its invoice dematerialization project to Generix Group. The ambition of this project for the U group is to be able to process all of the company’s invoices, i.e. around 12 million invoices per year from 2024 and up to 15 million thereafter.

The project will be deployed in two stages, the first for transactions involving central purchasing offices and the second for processing the incoming and outgoing invoice flows of the 1,700 sales outlets.
U IRIS was looking for a consulting partner with a highly adaptable solution that would perfectly meet all its business needs. The understanding of the issues and the contextualization of the solution by Generix Group’s teams convinced the company’s project teams to start this collaboration.



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