Sweden’s JYSK has selected Resurs as a payment provider.

JYSK’s objective is to be able to provide its consumers the ability to plan their purchases in order to make better and more sustainable financial decisions. To that end, JYSK has recently selected Resurs for its Swedish operations. Resurs and JYSK have a long history of partnership in Finland and Norway.


JYSK in Sweden and Resurs’ relationship begins with a new payment option for the customer: the JYSK card. JYSK now operates 156 locations throughout Sweden.

According to Mads Nymann-Hjorth, Chief Financial Officer of JYSK Sweden and Finland, “With the relationship with Resurs, we can provide a partial payment plan that is more flexible for our consumers.”

According to Andreas Andersson, Commercial Director at Resurs, “Together, we are lowering the thresholds in the customer journey for JYSK’s clients, which results in a better customer experience.”

According to Christoffer Norrthon, Senior Commercial Manager at Resurs, “being able to plan your purchases and payments is a “must-have” feature and we make that available through our relationship with JYSK, which is highly important to us as a bank that is connected to our clients.

source: marketscreener


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