Auchan aims to focus more on fresh produce and warns about strong inflation.

Pascale Cartier, director of food supply at Auchan, explains her group’s strategy in the face of the anti-inflation basket desired by the government. And she warns that the price increases will still be very strong in March.

In an interview with ‘Apolline Matin’ this Wednesday on RMC and RMC Story, Pascale Cartier, director of food supply at Auchan has talked about her Group’s strategy in the next coming phase. “While the government continues to push for the implementation of an anti-inflation basket, and some supermarket chains are taking the plunge, Auchan wants to accentuate its efforts on fresh products. The government has the merit of pushing us to go even further than we usually do,”

“We have volumes that are falling much more sharply on all fresh products than on processed industrial products,” continues Pascale Cartier. I am convinced that mothers want to put fish and fruit and vegetables on their children’s plates, and not just crisps. They are too constrained and they are much more inclined to choose fresh products. So, what we chose to do at Auchan was to launch super accessible fresh products for every day, to speed up the process. It’s not a question of a basket, it’s renewed references to enable them to eat well. Fish and carrots, for example, are offered at “reasonable” prices on the shelves. “You can have a balanced meal at a very good price”, says the Auchan manager.

Auchan’s spokesperson highlighted the significant expected inflation that will effect the fresh produce market next month due to the increasing demand for price rises from suppliers and said that the group is aiming to decrease its margin to face this inflation.

“But supermarket customers should expect further increases, especially in March after negotiations with manufacturers. The prices we are discussing at the moment are increases requested by suppliers of 15 to 25%,” says Pascale Cartier. There are colossal increases that we are trying to find solutions for. But we will still have residual increases. Our estimates are for an increase of around 10%, on top of current inflation. We are playing our part to buy at the right price, because we can’t forget the farmers, and at the same time the tightest price possible to help our consumers.” she added.



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