Carrefour intends to demonstrate that artificial intelligence is an opportunity to enhance the customer experience by responding as precisely as possible to their needs.

A very realistic video, entirely made by artificial intelligence (AI), which could lead to confusion. Through this extract, Carrefour wants to demonstrate that artificial intelligence is an opportunity to address its customers “and personalize the experience”, explains Elodie Perthuisot, executive director of E-Commerce, data and digital transformation of the Carrefour group, guest on the set of Tech&Co.

The avatar asked ChatGPT: what can you offer me to eat better and cheaper on The avatar quotes the three advices given by the chatbot: buy fruits and vegetables in season, opt for private labels and favor products on sale.

With its robotic appearance and voice, the avatar seems very human. This video has also been generated to demonstrate that this kind of innovation enters into daily use, especially in the field of consumption.

“Simplify the life of the consumer”
A very concrete technology of everyday life, that’s what Carrefour intends to show. “Data has been able to improve the customer experience,” explains the executive director. For example, the Carrefour app is able to display products and offers that are likely to appeal to the consumer since it learns from their purchases. “Only with the customer’s consent,” Elodie Perthuisot is keen to point out. “The goal of data and technology is to simplify the life of the consumer,” she continues.

Already, artificial intelligence allows to avoid dry losses and to make sales forecasts. In the bakery department, AI is able to know how many croissants to produce on a given day in a given store, to avoid waste.

In the near future, AI will allow to optimize transportation or to avoid queues at the checkout. The idea will be to get closer to customers, to make AI interfaces even more human and to personalize answers.



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