Morocco: Inflation jumps to 8.9%, driven by higher food prices

According to statistics from the High Commission for Planning, the rate of inflation in Morocco increased to 8.9% in January from the previous year due to a substantial increase in food costs.

Prices of non-food products rose by 3.9%, while food costs rose by 16.8%.

Morocco’s core inflation increased, driven by the transportation industry, which saw the biggest increase of 9.6%. Next came furniture, appliances, and routine home maintenance, which saw a 6.2% increase. Clothes and shoes saw a 5.1% increase, followed by restaurants and hotels, which saw a 5% increase.

The prices of “vegetables” increased by 3.3%, “fruits” by 2.6%, “milk, cheese, and eggs” by 1.6%, “meat” by 1.2%, and “mineral water, refreshing drinks, fruit and vegetable juices” by 1.2% on a monthly basis. Oils and Fats came in at 0.5%, Bread and Cereals at 0.3%, Fish and Seafood at 0.2%, and Oils and Fats at 0.6%. In terms of non-food products, the price of “fuel” fell by 3.2% specifically.




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