First Supermarket in Italy Adopts Honeywell Solstice® L40X for Environmental Transformation”

Honeywell’s Solstice L40X (R-455A) is making waves in the supermarket industry in Italy, as the MD Discount Store in San Giovanni in Persiceto becomes the country’s first supermarket to utilize this environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Solstice L40X is an energy-efficient hydrofluoroolefin (HFO)-blend solution designed for commercial refrigeration applications, including small- and medium-size supermarkets, food service, cold rooms, and freezer rooms. The refrigerant boasts a low-global-warming-potential (GWP) of 146, enabling MD Discount Store to comply with the European Union Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulation, which aims to reduce the use of high-GWP refrigerants.

MD Discount Store, in collaboration with contractor ARNEG, chose Solstice L40X for its projected cost-effectiveness and optimal energy efficiency. The refrigerant’s high critical temperature and low critical pressure characteristics make it ideal for regions with high ambient temperatures.

Michele Aiello, Technical Director at MD, expressed the store’s commitment to sustainability initiatives and energy efficiency. By implementing Solstice L40X in their new San Giovanni in Persiceto store, they anticipate lifetime cost savings of around €260,000 and a 25% reduction in lifetime emissions compared to carbon dioxide.

Honeywell’s Solstice line of HFO refrigerants, including Solstice L40X, aligns with the company’s efforts to combat climate change by providing lower-GWP solutions. Their investments in research and development have helped customers lower greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy efficiency in various applications.

Honeywell is actively working towards carbon neutrality in its operations and facilities by 2035 and has set ambitious sustainability goals, such as participating in the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and supporting the Paris Climate Agreement. Through their innovative products and commitment to environmental responsibility, Honeywell aims to contribute positively to global climate efforts.


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