Giordano Marks its Debut in Algeria with Inauguration of New Store

– Giordano, the renowned Hong Kong-listed apparel retailer, has embarked on a new phase of expansion by opening its first store in Algeria. The store, located within Algiers’ City Centre Shopping Centre, signifies Giordano’s growing footprint in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Spanning an area of 139 square meters, the L-shaped store showcases a contemporary design concept characterized by clean lines and a predominantly white color scheme for fixtures and fittings. The entrance of the store is notably wide, welcoming shoppers into an inviting retail environment with wood panel flooring adding a touch of warmth.

City Centre Shopping Centre, a prominent retail destination in Algiers, provides an ideal location for Giordano’s entrance into the Algerian market. The mall covers an impressive 32,000 square meters of retail floor space and accommodates 800 parking spaces, offering visitors a diverse selection of international fashion labels, a variety of dining options, and indoor entertainment facilities.

Hoying Lee, Giordano’s Associate Director for Global Franchising and Licensing, expressed his confidence in the company’s continued success in North Africa and beyond, citing the strategic establishment of their first store in Algeria. This achievement comes on the heels of Giordano’s existing presence in Egypt and the positive sales momentum across its key markets, including Greater China, Southeast Asia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Founded in 1981, Giordano has now reached a significant milestone of over 2,100 stores and counters across a multitude of regions. These regions include Greater China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, India, Africa, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. The brand’s consistent growth and expansion highlight its commitment to delivering quality apparel and contemporary designs to diverse markets.

Giordano’s entry into Algeria not only underscores its dedication to meeting the evolving fashion needs of consumers but also its strategic vision for expanding its global presence. As the company celebrates the opening of its Algiers store, anticipation grows for the impact it will make on the Algerian retail landscape and its continued journey in the MENA region.


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