Something to suit all ages as Tesco announces its most varied Christmas top 10 toys list ever

Toy experts at Tesco predict that this Christmas will be the most varied ever when it comes to choosing presents for youngsters. 

While in recent years expensive electronic or construction toys have hogged the favourites lists, 2023 will see a wide range of toys catering for the very young right through to ‘kidults’ with prices to suit all pockets too!

And as it gets nearer to Christmas there will also be further discounts available for Clubcard holders.

For its annual top 10 list, the supermarket’s expert team have based their choices on the type of toys that have been popular through the year.

And the list includes board games, ever-popular construction toys, as well as pre-school and nurturing toys for the very young.

One toy they believe will be a favourite is a board game inspired by one of the year’s most exciting TV series, Traitors. Just like the TV show Traitors and Faithfuls must go on a mission to earn gold for the prize fund. 

Of course no Christmas is complete without evergreen favourites Lego and Disney toy sets. Those that are likely to be in high demand are Lego’s Harry Potter figure of house-elf Dobby and Disney’s Lorcana Starter Deck trading card game. 

Tesco Toy Category Manager Anne Borrett said:

“Every parent knows that picking the right Christmas toy for their youngsters is one of the hardest decisions of the whole festive season. 

“Our choices, made by Tesco’s team of toy experts, have been carefully considered and are based on the type of toys which have been popular throughout the year and which are likely to make it onto many children’s ‘Dear Santa’ lists.

“This year our top 10 toys are aimed at all budgets but with more than half of them priced at £30 or under we think that’ll be good news for all parents!” 

The Tesco Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2023 are: 

1.   Traitors board game – Inspired by popular elements of the hit TV show, Faithfuls and Traitors alike must go on missions to earn gold. The two players with the most gold will compete for the prize fund. 4-6 Players, Aged 12 plus. £27

2.   Twister Air – No mat needed with this app led version of the classic game. The app works with any smartphone or tablet. Download the app, set a smart device in the stand and players put one of eight Twister bands on their wrists and ankles. Players move their body to match their bands to coloured spots on the screen. The more spots hit the higher the score. All ages. £25
3.   Polly Pocket Suitcase – On-the-go suitcase for kids that doubles as a playset and storge. It opens to a 3-story hotel featuring an arcade, spiral slide, elevator, four dolls, one vehicle and 25 plus accessories. For children four and over. £60
4.   Bitzeez – A digital pet you can touch and feel and which responds to swipes, tilts and shakes with sounds and reactions. Each Bitzee starts as a baby and needs love and care to grow. Watch them grow from Baby, to adult, to Super Bitzee. The more you play the more pets you get, with 15 to collect in total. For ages five plus. £33
5.   Little Live Pets Mama Surprise –This toy teaches children to nurture and care for their pet by feeding, grooming and petting. When mama gets enough love and attention her heart starts glowing and she lets out a melody to let you know that a baby is about to arrive. For children four years and upwards. £65

6.   Lego Harry Potter Dobby – Dobby has moveable arms and fingers so he can hold iconic accessories such as Tom Riddle’s Diary with Harry’s sock and Aunt Petunia’s floating pudding cake. For ages eight and over. £25
7.   Disney Lorcana Starter Deck – The Disney Lorcana starter deck includes everything you need to start playing against another player who has their own deck. Through these decks, you’ll get a taste of the rich story and varied characters of Disney Lorcana. There are three starter decks available for Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter. Each deck has 60 cards and features two ink colors with distinct play styles. For ages eight and over. £18
8.   Bluey Beach Cabin Surprise – Now your kids can go on a beach holiday with Bluey when she visits her Beach Cabin! The Cabin is over 10″ (25cm) wide with different play areas for your child’s 2.5″ Bluey figure to play in! The playset expands out to include its own beach for Bluey to swim in. There are more than 10 different play pieces and a beach themed sticker sheet for children to decorate with! For children aged three and over. £40
9.   Leapfrog Pizza Cart – A game involving more than 30 play pieces which teaches children aged three and over to learn about numbers, colours and shapes in the form of a mobile pizza vendor. Kids follow instructions to create a slice of pizza with their choice of topping, then cook it in the oven and put it in a box for a customer to take away. £60
10.  Lego Technic 2022 Ford GT – A 1:12 scale building model of the iconic 2022 Ford GT supercar with authentic features like rear-wheel drive with V6 engine, independent suspension on all wheels, front-axle steering, opening doors, headlight details, working spoiler wing and opening bonnet. For kidults aged 18 and over. £105


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