Amazon Go stores and Amazon Fresh stores offer a unique shopping experience

Amazon Go stores and Amazon Fresh stores offer a unique shopping experience known as “just walk out” technology, where customers can enter the store, pick out the items they want, and simply walk out without going through a traditional checkout process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Amazon Go Store Concept: Amazon Go stores are small convenience stores with no checkout counters or cashiers. The first Amazon Go store was in Seattle, and the concept has since expanded to various locations in the US and the UK.
  2. Amazon Go App: To shop at an Amazon Go store, customers need to download the Amazon Go app on their iOS or Android smartphones and link it to their Amazon account.
  3. Entering the Store: Upon entering the store, customers use the app to scan a QR code at the turnstile, granting them access to the store.
  4. Shopping: Customers then select the products they want from the store shelves. There’s no need to scan each item or go through a checkout process. Customers can simply put items in their basket or bags.
  5. Tracking Technology: Advanced technologies, such as computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning, are used to track the products customers take from the shelves and add them to a virtual cart associated with their Amazon account.
  6. Exiting the Store: Once customers have finished shopping, they can simply leave the store. There’s no need to go through a traditional checkout line.
  7. Automatic Billing: As customers exit, their Amazon account is automatically charged for the items they took, and they receive a digital receipt.
  8. Navigation and Receipts: The Amazon Go app also provides a navigation feature for finding items in the store and a digital receipt showing the items purchased after leaving the store.
  9. Multiple Store Formats: Amazon has different store formats, including Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery (offering a wider range of products), and Amazon Fresh (similar concept in the UK). These stores may offer groceries, snacks, ready-made meals, and more.
  10. Expansion Plans: Amazon has been expanding its Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh store presence globally, with plans to open more stores in various locations.
  11. Technology Behind It: The technology relies on cameras, sensors, and potentially facial recognition to identify customers and the items they select, ensuring they are charged accurately for their purchases.

Overall, the “just walk out” technology streamlines the shopping experience by eliminating the need for traditional checkout processes, making it more convenient for customers.


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