Combining quality and sustainability: how Seara’s frozen chicken is diversifying food choices for businesses and households

The current economic volatility is having a crucial impact on the purchasing habits of consumers, who are increasingly adopting frozen chicken as a viable alternative for their shopping basket. Supplying first rate poultry that responds to the needs of all its customers, Seara is helping diversify their food choices with great attention to quality and sustainability.

As one of the UK’s leading poultry suppliers, Seara’s wide portfolio of frozen products perfectly responds to the increasing demand for frozen chicken in the market. Priding itself on the great attention it puts on its customers’ needs, Seara has been providing high quality frozen chicken for over 60 years to small businesses and families alike, always remaining loyal to its environmental commitments.

Seara runs its operations based on the responsible use of natural resources, food safety, welfare promotion and the preservation of the planet’s health, operating strict controls aimed at maintaining the sustainability index at exemplary levels as well as adopting ethical procedures for animals. This commitment to nature only reinforces the relationship with its customers.

“We have always placed a special value on the enduring relationship we have with our customers.” says Marcelli GN Ferreira of Seara Meats. “And now more than ever we feel it’s essential to assist them by supplying products they can trust, with a proven history of attention to quality and sustainability”.

Frozen chicken is becoming a consumer favourite

The uncertainty that has defined the global economy in recent years has led to significant changes to the behaviour and habits of consumers. They have started seeking alternative options for their grocery basket and are now rethinking their usual food choices, wanting to adapt their eating and purchasing habits to this evolving food market.

Recent consumer research has indeed shown a growing appeal for frozen foods. A survey conducted by the pollster Opinium on behalf of Zipzero over 2,000 British adults recently revealed that a quarter of UK shoppers say they are buying more frozen food.

Notably, frozen chicken has proven to be the most popular food item consumers are turning to. Consumer insight at Kantar UK shows that the demand for frozen chicken rose by 5.9% in the first quarter of 2023. Moreover, the global frozen chicken market is expected to reach an estimated USD 109.77 billion by 2029 according to the broader market projections, rising at 5% CAGR.

Also Rupert Ashby, chief executive of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) recently recognised the changes the food market is undergoing. “There is no doubt that the rising cost-of-living has squeezed household budgets and consumers are looking for better value during their weekly shop. As they purchase more frozen food, and some try frozen products for the first time, I am confident that the quality of frozen food will speak for itself to encourage consumers to make even more trips to the frozen aisle over the coming months.”

The secrets to Seara’s success

As customers are increasingly turning to frozen food in response to the unprecedented grocery price inflation, Seara’s high quality frozen chicken decidedly answers to the current market trends, helping diversify the food choices of businesses and households and seeking to feed people with the finest protein.

Seara has recorded a 20% growth in demand for its frozen poultry products in the last 5 years, showing the growing appetite for its products. And while 90% of Brazilian households bring Seara’s frozen delicatessens to their kitchen table, there is also an increasing penetration abroad, it remains the leader in breast exports to the UK with 66% of British families choosing to purchase them

Seara has long been committed to delivering convenience and excellence to its customers, demonstrated by the prestigious international certifications it was awarded, such as BRC Standard GlobalG.A.P, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025, among others.

“We supply chicken that is 100% sustainably-sourced, vegetarian-fed, carefully farm-raised and free from artificial hormones” says Marcelli. “And the health benefits of this high-quality protein are well proven, which is why we can see consumers increasingly opting for frozen chicken. They get more value out of their grocery shopping, and they do that with products that are tasty, healthy and, above all, of the best quality.”

Seara is also dedicated to ensuring high sustainability standards in its production processes, having set the goal of achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. “We take responsibility for the impact of our business on the planet by using resources efficiently, reducing waste and conserving energy” she explains.

Always putting customers at the heart of its business, Seara provides them with the finest frozen chicken, a product that due to its versatility and its extremely high quality and environmental standards is helping reshape their food choices.

Delicious, nutritious and healthy, Seara’s frozen chicken brings value and innovation to the kitchen table, enabling businesses and households not only to add more value to their shopping, but also to cut out waste from cooking oil, saving them time and money with no compromise on the taste.

About Seara

For over 60 years, Seara has been feeding the world.

Constantly investing in technology, quality and innovation, Seara has grown year on year, and today is one of the largest chicken producers in Brazil and the world. With more than 60 production plants, over 60,000 employees and nine offices across the globe, Seara is exporting to more than 150 countries globally through our products and services, in channels such as retail, food servicing, processing factories and distribution.

Despite our size, across our 3,000 integrated properties, supplying the European market, the majority are small suppliers. 71% have only one or two poultry houses, and most rely on family labour. In this way, Seara helps small family farms across Brazil to supply hundreds of thousands of small food businesses and family-run restaurants and take-aways across Europe. 

Time and time again, Seara delivers convenience, confidence and innovation to the kitchen table for the entire family. We take pride in our sustainably sourced, high quality chicken: 100% vegetarian-fed, carefully farm-raised, and free from artificial hormones. 

All our products go through processes that guarantee the highest quality and origin. Our complete portfolio offers everything from a big family lunch to a quick mid-afternoon snack.

Since 1956, quality has remained a cornerstone with Seara, and that’s evident through the highest international certifications for excellence in production such as British Retail Consortium, Supplier Workplace Accountability, Global Certificate for the Agricultural Chain, Swiss Law, ISO 14001, Halal Certifications and Certificate of Conformity, among others. 

Good food begins with healthy livestock. At every stage, from farm to kitchen, Seara applies care and expertise to ensure excellence in every detail. 

Our offices in the UK and the Netherlands supply all market channels: food service, industry and retail with a full chicken product portfolio. Our team of experts in sales, customer service, quality and marketing are ready to offer our customers the best-in-class service in the industry.


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