Christmas with Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s periodic‘ Help Cheer a Million Christmases’ crusade is back – a fundraising action which sees the

retailer work with its guests to contribute what they can to help feed families in need over the gleeful period

Throughout December, Sainsbury’s pledges to match client donations up to the value of£1.5 millionevery£

1 client

donation provides the fellow of two hot refections, so formerly matched by Sainsbury’s, each£ 1 bestowed could

help feed four people in need . Guests can contribute in Sainsbury’s and Argos stores across the UK or when

shopping online at Sainsbury’s and Argos As part of its ongoing commitment to support the communities it serves,

moment sees the return of Sainsbury’s periodic‘ Help Cheer a Million Christmases’ action, with every single

donation being matched by the supermarket up to the value of£1.5 million. With the end of raising a aggregate of

over£ 3 million, the crusade builds on Sainsbury’s timeround

work with its charitable mates to give vital support to

those who need it most over the gleeful period. Sainsbury’s is committed to icing that further Brits can celebrate this

time without hunger, making sure it’s a Christmas to savour for everyone. During the season of giving, every£ 1

client donation provides the fellow of two hot refections, so formerly matched by Sainsbury’s, each£ 1 bestowed

could help feed four people in need. Once matched by Sainsbury’s, the liberality of guests could have a huge impact

with the eventuality to help feed up to 12 million families this Christmas. With‘ Help Brighten a Million

Christmases’fundraising sweats running between 1st – 24th December, guests can contribute physical products in

over 1200 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK, or contribute plutocrat at checkout points in all Sainsbury’s and Argos

stores, via SmartShop in sharing Sainsbury’s stores and when shopping online at Sainsbury’s and Argos. To insure

those who need it most admit food, this time Sainsbury’s is working with FareShare and other charity mates across

the UK to distribute donations. In February 2021, Sainsbury’s made it indeed easier for guests to contribute to

FareShare by furnishing them with a way to contribute directly when shopping online all time round. Since the

original trial, the service has seen over£ 1 million bestowed, furnishing the fellow of 2 million refections.

Throughout December, online donations will continue to go towards FareShare, but will come part of Help Brighten

a Million Xmases, with Sainsbury’s matching donations until Christmas Eve, over to the value of£1.5 million.

Lindsay Boswell, CEO at FareShare says “ FareShare is veritably thankful for the enormous support we admit from

Sainsbury’s and are pleased to mate on Help Brighten a Million Xmases for the alternate time, with Sainsbury’s

matching donations. Sainsbury’s guests showed great liberality last Christmas and throughout the time, giving the

fellow of refections to FareShare through the Groceries Online crusade. As we head into downtime, we know our

charities are demanding further support than ever to give for people in our communities”. Mark Given, Chief

Marketing Officer at Sainsbury’s said “ We know that this Christmas may be challenging for people across the UK,

which is why we ’re doing all that we can to help those in need. We ’re proud of all the work we ’ve done to support

vulnerable communities over the last time and we ’re determined to make sure we cheer millions of Xmases this

gleeful season. Each time we ’re overwhelmed with our guests’ liberality not only at Christmas but throughout the

whole time and we hope that by working together, our donations can really make a difference to others this

December.” Since August 2021, the retailer has also partnered with Neighbourly to manage back of store food

donations, helping to connect Sainsbury’s stores with original mates who redistribute food to those in need. Since

coming together, Sainsbury’s has bestowed further than refections. Also, this afterlife Sainsbury’s launched a

Helping Everyone Eat More entitlement, which will see hundreds of donations go to original mates who have been

nominated by Sainsbury’s stores. The entitlement will grease the donation of£ 1 million to support systems helping

those passing food poverty and diving food waste. Exemplifications include mates using the entitlement to

ameliorate kitchen feeding installations ( Poor and Empty CIC Ltd) or ameliorate their food donation programme

capacity by leasing electric transportation (Sussex Community Development Association). The fund aims to make a

difference to hundreds of good causes across the UK.


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