Asda’s Delectable Christmas Sandwiches: A Festive Feast Awaits!

Asda’s Delectable Christmas Sandwiches: A Festive Feast Awaits!

Introduction: The holiday season is here, and what better way to celebrate than with scrumptious Christmas sandwiches? Asda, the well-known supermarket chain, is making the festive season extra special with a delightful array of Christmas sandwiches that cater to every palate. From traditional classics to innovative creations, Asda has something for everyone, and they’re even throwing in a tasty bonus – a chance to decorate your Christmas tree with sandwich-themed baubles!

A Gourmet Selection: Asda’s Christmas sandwich lineup offers a wide range of flavors, from the classic to the contemporary. Shoppers can choose from a selection of traditional sandwiches on a variety of breads, meaty sub-rolls, and luxury wraps, all available as part of a three-for-two meal deal.

  1. Highly Recommended Turkey and Stuffing Festive Deli Sandwich: This delightful creation, priced at £3.50, is a winner. Packed with smoked turkey breast, pork, apricot and chestnut stuffing, and a generous serving of gravy mayonnaise, it’s crowned as ‘Highly Recommended’ by BBC Good Food. Finished with a fruity cranberry chutney, it’s a delicious choice for those who love the traditional flavors of the season.
  2. Festive Feast Sandwich: Priced at £3.00, this sandwich caters to meat-lovers. It combines turkey breast, tender sausages, smoked bacon, and a delectable cranberry chutney, all served on malted bread. It’s a hearty feast for those who appreciate a generous portion of meat.
  3. New for 2023 – Pigs Under Blankets Sub Roll: Priced at £3.50, this sub roll features sausage and beechwood smoked bacon, accompanied by gravy mayo and stuffing, all packed into a semolina-topped roll. It’s a novel creation for those looking for a twist on classic flavors.
  4. Festive Feast Triple Wrap: For a different take on the classic, the Festive Feast Triple Wrap, priced at £3.35, wraps up turkey breast, sausages, bacon, stuffing, and cranberry chutney in a tortilla wrap. It’s perfect for those who like their festive flavors in a portable package.
  5. Prawn Cocktail Sandwich: At £3.00, this sandwich offers a delightful twist with succulent prawns and a seasoned cocktail sauce on oatmeal bread. It’s a refreshing option for those who prefer seafood during the holidays.
  6. Boxing Day Sandwich: Priced at £2.50, this sandwich allows you to enjoy the taste of Boxing Day any time you like. It features turkey breast, oak smoked ham, creamy coleslaw, and balsamic onion chutney on white bread.
  7. Brie and Cranberry: The vegetarian option, priced at £2.50, is a delightful combination of French Brie and a seasonal spoonful of cranberry chutney on malted bread. It’s a cheesy and festive treat.

A Festive Lunch Experience: With a starting price of just £2.50, Asda offers a competitive and quality festive lunch experience that caters to various tastes. The sandwiches are available in-store and online, making it convenient for shoppers to enjoy their holiday favorites.

Festive Baubles: But the festive fun doesn’t stop with food. Asda is offering a unique twist on holiday decor with their Christmas sandwich-themed baubles. The George’s Glass Sandwich Christmas Bauble, featuring a Special Turkey flavor, is available for just £4.00. If you want to adorn your tree with other culinary favorites, Asda’s novelty bauble collection includes options like the Christmas Green Brussel Sprout Bauble (£2) and the Christmas Glass Turkey Bauble (£4).


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