NBCUniversal and Walmart Join Forces to Offer Shoppable Ads on Peacock with Bravo’s “Below Deck Mediterranean

In a groundbreaking collaboration, NBCUniversal and Walmart are teaming up to introduce a unique shopping experience for viewers of Bravo’s hit reality TV series, “Below Deck Mediterranean.” This innovative partnership will bring shoppable ads to Peacock, allowing fans of the show to purchase products and looks inspired by the episodes. It’s a game-changing way to merge entertainment and e-commerce, giving viewers the opportunity to “shop the moment.”

This new commerce partnership represents a significant step forward in the world of streaming content and e-commerce, as it enables Bravo viewers to seamlessly shop for products showcased in the episodes of “Below Deck Mediterranean” on Peacock. The integration of shoppable ads into the platform will be available on specific dates, enhancing the viewer experience and engaging them in a new way.

Shoppable ads will be featured on Peacock during the next-day episodes of “Below Deck Mediterranean” on November 7, December 5, and December 12. On these dates, viewers will have the opportunity to explore and purchase a wide range of products directly from Walmart while enjoying their favorite reality TV show. These products will include everything from table settings to cookware used in the galley, as well as stylish yacht-life looks.

To make this experience even more user-friendly, shoppable ads will be displayed during the designated dates, allowing viewers to interact with the content. By pressing the arrow keys on their remote controls, viewers can access an on-screen interactive carousel. They can then scan a QR code to conveniently check out the desired products on Walmart’s website. This seamless integration of shopping opportunities enhances the viewing experience, making it easier for fans to acquire items they see on the show.

This collaboration between NBCUniversal and Walmart is made possible by the introduction of NBCU’s “Must ShopTV” feature. Powered by AI technology company KERV Interactive, this feature can identify objects within the scenes of the show and allows viewers to shop for products that are either featured in the episode or inspired by its content. For instance, if a member of the “Below Deck” cast is seen serving a sit-down dinner using specific dishware, viewers will encounter a shoppable ad unit where they can purchase similar dishware directly from Walmart’s website. The beauty of this system is that the products are paired with Walmart’s existing inventory, ensuring that viewers are only presented with options that are available for immediate purchase.

This innovative integration of e-commerce and entertainment marks a significant shift in how audiences engage with their favorite TV shows. It not only enhances the viewer experience but also provides brands and retailers with a unique opportunity to reach their target audience at the moment of interest. By creating a seamless bridge between content and commerce, NBCUniversal and Walmart are setting the stage for a new era of interactive, shoppable television. Bravo’s “Below Deck Mediterranean” viewers can now enjoy their favorite show while having the ability to “shop the moment” without missing a beat. This partnership between two industry giants opens up exciting possibilities for the future of advertising and consumer engagement.


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