Asda to price match both Aldi and Lidl on hundreds of core grocery products

Asda has taken a groundbreaking step by introducing price matching with both Aldi and Lidl on a wide range of essential grocery items, solidifying its commitment to offering exceptional value to consumers.

Starting today, Asda will be aligning prices with Aldi and Lidl on 287 comparable grocery products, with an average price reduction of 17%. This reduction ensures that Asda matches the lowest price offered by either discount retailer for these specific products.

The price match initiative covers various core household items, including milk, bread, cheese, tea, coffee, fresh meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, baked beans, pasta, rice, and breakfast cereals.

This strategic move enhances Asda’s position as the UK’s most budget-friendly full-service supermarket, assuring customers that they consistently receive the best prices on their regular purchases. Asda, serving over 15 million customers weekly across the UK and Northern Ireland, has earned the title of the best-priced supermarket for the past 26 years, according to ‘The Grocer’ magazine.

The Aldi and Lidl Price Match will complement Asda’s existing customer value propositions, such as Price Drop and Asda Rewards, reinforcing the trust customers can have in obtaining the best prices when shopping at Asda.

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide quality at affordable prices, Asda continues to expand its M&S Taste Match campaign, promising M&S taste at Asda prices. Additionally, customers using Asda Rewards benefit from accumulating pounds, not points, in their cash pots with every purchase. Since its launch in 2022, Asda Rewards has already seen shoppers earn over £300 million in cash pots.

David Hills, Chief Customer Officer at Asda, commented, “Asda has a legacy of over 50 years as the customer champion, understanding our vital role in local communities to help families make the most of their budgets. The introduction of Aldi and Lidl Price Match is designed to save them both time and money, reaffirming that our customers can rely on uncompromising value every day at Asda.”

Products covered by the Aldi and Lidl Price Match include a variety of everyday essentials, and their prices are regularly monitored to match the lowest between Aldi and Lidl. This initiative aims to provide transparency and fairness in pricing, excluding multi-buy offers and ‘member pricing.’ Further details are available at Aldi & Lidl Price Match at Asda – ASDA Groceries.


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