Asda’s new spa promises to make you feta than ever for less

Asda launches the Asda Health Menu Spa, the world’s first supermarket spa offering a range of holistic health treatments paired and price-matched with products from its new Health Menu range.

  • With prices starting at just £2.25, Asda’s supermarket spa will offer a variety of treatments paired with meals from its new Health Menu range to showcase the product’s functional health benefits
  • The launch comes as new research reveals 76% of Brits think healthy and nutritious meals are too expensive
  • Developed alongside in-house nutritionists, Asda’s Health Menu range features 45+ new products that look to improve gut health, heart health, immunity and more
  • The Asda Health Menu Spa opens for a limited time on Tuesday January 23rd, with consumers able to book their sessions online here

In the New Year, many Brits will be busting a gut and blowing the bank in the pursuit of health and wellness. To celebrate the launch of its new Health Menu range, which aims to bring simplicity and affordability back to health, Asda is opening the world’s first supermarket spa, where treatments are paired with food and cost the same too!

With prices at the Asda Health Menu Spa starting at just £2.25, customers can try a range of treatments inspired by the new products, all of which are designed to improve overall health and wellness including muscle, skin and gut health, immunity and more.

The Asda Health Menu Spa treatments include:

  • The Muscle Health: Relieve your muscle aches and pains with a thorough deep tissue massage, paired with either the Fragrant Thai Red Chicken Bowl or a rich Cod and Kimchi Spiced Fishcakes
  • The Bone Health: Experience a therapeutic hot stone massage, reducing muscular tension and bone stiffness and paired with either the Creamy Butternut Squash Linguine or the Fragrant Prawn Laksa Pot
  • The Energy Boost: An intense Indian Head Massage set to renew energy levels paired with either the flavoursome Fiery Jerk Chicken Bowl or the Herby Pesto Penne Chicken Bowl.

The pop-up comes as new research from Asda reveals that the nation spends more than £1 billion trying to be healthy during January*. However, whilst 79% of Brits say they want to be healthier this January, 76% say healthy and nutritious meals are too expensive.

Another one of the biggest barriers to Brits eating healthily is time, with almost a fifth (19%) saying that cooking healthy meals is too time-consuming. When asked what would make them eat more healthy meals, 2 in 5 (40%) said if it was more affordable, more than a third (38%) said if it tasted good and 31% said if it was more convenient.

The majority (72%) of Brits agree that eating healthily is a privilege, with 39% saying you need more money to eat healthily and 34% saying you need more time. People on average think eating healthier would add £59 onto the cost of their monthly shop.

With more than 45 new products launching across all eating occasions, Asda’s new Health Menu range is perfect for those looking for quick and healthy alternatives that don’t compromise on flavour or break the bank.

Created by Asda’s in-house nutritionists and expert chef team, the Health Menu range is full of satisfying, nourishing and energising meals. Each product is labelled with a specific health benefit, helping customers know exactly why it’s good for them.

Starting at just 65p, the tasty new range brings simplicity back to healthy eating, with colourful, nutritious dishes including protein-packed Fragrant Thai Red Chicken Bowls, fibre-rich Multiseed Berry & Nut Granola to help support normal bowel functions, a Vitamin A rich Mango, Pineapple & Ginger Smoothie Mix, and the Spiced Chickpea and Spinach Soup to contribute to healthy iron levels.

Speaking about the range, Regan Howard, Own Brand Strategy Manager at Asda said: “Everyone deserves the right to flavoursome foods that not only make them feel good, but that do good for them too. The Health Menu range is designed to help our customers access and understand healthy food options more easily without a hefty price tag. Each product is not only packed with delicious, nutrient dense ingredients, but has a functional health benefit too.

“We know that health and wellness can often come at a cost, which is why we’re launching the Asda Health Menu Spa to show that looking after your health doesn’t have to be unattainable, especially with Asda’s Health Menu range!”


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