Overheard around the world – shoppers from Antigua to Vietnam want Waitrose quality

  • Waitrose has a growing number of local and expat customers worldwide 
  • Export sales increased by 14% in last year with a further 10% growth targeted in 2024
  • The most popular Waitrose products internationally are cheese, yoghurt, chopped tomatoes, baked beans, granola, muesli and porridge oats

Shoppers around the world are seeking the Waitrose quality, taste and provenance that UK customers have enjoyed for nearly 120 years. 

Global demand for Waitrose own-brand products has grown by 92% in the last decade as we have continued to expand into new territories. 

To keep up with customers’ taste for Waitrose, we’re now rapidly expanding our export business, shipping to more countries and offering a greater range of products. Sales are up 14% on last year and we have set a growth target of at least 10% for next year. 

Our current exports through retailers and distributors range from Waitrose baked beans to Barbados, our chocolate digestive biscuits to Singapore, peanut butter to Chile, wholewheat biscuits to Mauritius, Waitrose Cheddar to Hong Kong and our mince pies to the Middle East.   

Additionally, we have 15 shops throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Partnership with Spinneys. The Dubai Mall shop also now includes a selection of John Lewis products from gifts to home accessories, as well as kitchen and dining products. This will also become available in the Nakheel Mall in Dubai in the new year. 

We recently showcased our food and drink to a global range of large supermarkets and distributors, including those from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe as we seek to expand our export portfolio, both with new and existing markets. 

Waitrose first began exporting products more than 25 years ago, shipping to Hong Kong. Today, the Waitrose brand can be found in 42 territories, including Malaysia, Chile, Jordan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and nine Caribbean islands. The vast majority of our products are exported on ships. 

More than 2,000 of our Waitrose own label products are now available around the world, including chilled, frozen, store cupboard staples and health and beauty lines, Essential Waitrose – the biggest value tier of any supermarket, our premium range, Waitrose No.1Waitrose Duchy Organic and our Free From and plant ranges are all in high demand, 

Our top selling products so far in 2023 are Essential Waitrose Chopped Tomatoes, with international customers consuming 200,000 cans, and Essential Waitrose Toilet Paper having sold more than 120,000 rolls.  

James Bailey, Executive Director for Waitrose, said: 

“Waitrose has truly been overheard around the world and shoppers from Antigua to Vietnam want to get their hands on our products, which are renowned for taste, quality and provenance. 

“We’re now expanding our international business to cater for the growing global demand from local residents and British expats who miss the taste of Waitrose from home.”

Jared Wright, CEO for Massy Stores (Barbados) Ltd, said: 

“Waitrose’s reputation for quality and responsible sourcing has increasingly resonated with the Bajan community, as well as expats and tourists who are missing a taste of home. Sales have almost doubled in 20 years, with the range growing from groceries, chilled and frozen to health and beauty and wines.”

Verlie Vera, Head of Commercial for Dairy Farm International in Singapore, added:

“Our customers like the assurance that the Waitrose brand gives them, for quality, authenticity and provenance. This combined with the demand for products from the UK means we have had the opportunity to grow our range significantly over our 20 years of working together.”

Top Five Sellers In Selected Countries
Singapore ThailandFalkland Islands Hong KongUAE
Essential Waitrose Gouda Waitrose Mint CreamsEssential Waitrose Long Life MilkEssential Waitrose Cheese Waitrose No.1 Natural Strained Greek Yoghurt 
Waitrose MilkWaitrose Raisin Almond Honey GranolaEssential Waitrose White Ultra Soft Toilet RollEssential Waitrose Fruit Muesli Essential Waitrose Soured Cream  
Waitrose Milk Chocolate Digestives Essential Waitrose Wholegrain Bran Flakes  Essential Waitrose FlourEssential Waitrose Chopped Tomatoes Essential Waitrose White Ultra Soft Toilet Roll
Waitrose Dark Chocolate Digestives Essential Waitrose FlourEssential Waitrose MSC Tuna Chunks in BrineWaitrose ProseccoEssential Waitrose  Greek Style Yoghurt
Essential Waitrose Low Fat Cottage Cheese Essential Waitrose Squeezy Half Fat MayonnaiseEssential Waitrose Vegetable OilWaitrose  Berry GranolaWaitrose No.1 Natural Strained Greek Yoghurt


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