Internorga 2024 – Frostkrone Finger Food Loves the World of Food Service

Rietberg/Germany, 5th February 2024. The Frostkrone Food Group is showcasing its extensive range of finger food and snacks designed for the food service industry at this year’s Internorga. This prestigious trade fair highlighting gastronomy, the hotel business and group catering offers the Company Group a perfect platform for presenting their innovative product ideas to a wide specialist audience, while simultaneously enabling them to ramp up their profile in the said industries.

Not only is it the diverse and extensive range of goods but also their huge experience and international presence which all go to make the Frostkrone Food Group a really strong partner for the food service business. And this is also true because the Company Group is known for responding flexibly to customer wishes and for acting with an acute sense of foresight. “We love finger food,” and it is this love that drives the Frostkrone Food Group to constantly work on innovative product ideas, “food which guests love to eat and food which opens up more possibilities for food service businesses to style their gastronomic selections,” explains Emiel Lommen, Global Commercial Director of the Frostkrone Food Group.

“The Internorga is the golden opportunity for us to display our professionalism and our passion for finger food and snacks. It allows us to present these qualities to a larger audience and, at the same time, we are able to continue strengthening our position in the industry,” adds Emiel Lommen.

Burger Balls: snacking taken to a new level

Lots more possibilities thanks to new snack ideas: Burger Balls boast the full-bodied taste of the original but in the cool finger food style – even for times when you are feeling just a little peckish but they are also so suitable for a variety of occasions when food is called for. They are available in five popular burger flavours. Ideal for the easy kind of pleasure and for those chilled-out times.

  • So why not try Cheese Burger Balls straight away? The perfect marriage of juicy beef, mature Cheddar cheese and aromatic tomatoes.

International variety in the street food style

Street food is international. The diverse culinary delights from all over the world are mirrored in the incredibly vast selection of snacks on offer from the Frostkrone Food Group. This means that guests are spoilt for choice and can enjoy an ever-changing kaleidoscope of fascinating snacks there and then on the spot or as take-aways.

  • Mac & Cheese Cube Bacons are, of course, inspired by American cuisine. After the first bite into the crispy, crunchy coating, equally crispy bacon and tasty macaroni in a hearty cheese sauce are just waiting to be savoured without any delay!
  • Chilli Cheese Nuggets are a real eye-catcher in their colourful mix of black, red and gold – and could even match the colours of some football teams at the next game.
  • Cauliflower Bites: tender cauliflower wrapped in tempura batter – popular as a little snack in between meals or as an unusual side dish.

Pizza Pockets – the simply delicious snack solution

The plain and simple answer to so many things: a rumbling tummy, a quick break or some relaxation at the local bistro. Here are some examples of these baked pastry pockets:

  • “Salami” and “Special” with cooked ham and mushrooms.
  • In organic quality as “Tomato and Mozzarella” sumptuously filled with melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella, tomatoes and aromatic pesto sauce.

Pizza Pockets are ideally suited to be sold at bake-off stations, petrol stations and kiosks.

Preparation is easy, quick and safe – no previous experience or knowledge required

All the finger food and snack products can be successfully prepared in a few minutes in all the usual types of kitchen appliances such as fan ovens, ovens, hot air fryers and deep fryers, and also speed ovens (e.g. Impinger, Turbochef). They have been designed in such a way that they fit into a catering routine perfectly.

Let`s talk about food service

The Internorga, which is held every year, is one of the leading specialist trade fairs for gastronomy and the hotel business. The fact that the Frostkrone Food Group is present at such an event signifies an important step forward for the Group. It helps to continue establishing the Group in the food service segment and it also assists in raising awareness of its extensive finger food and snack ranges.

The Company Group is looking forward to welcoming clients, business partners and all those interested in its products at Stand A3.627, Hall A3 from 8 to 12 March 2024.


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