Belgium- Delhaize plans to equip all its stores with fiber optics.

Delhaize has announced that all its shops will soon be equipped with fiber optics and claims that this will have a considerable impact on the way you shop!


The Delhaize chain of shops, together with fiber optic supplier Eurofiber, has announced a collaboration to provide supermarkets with a 40 gigabit fibre optic connection. A big change that will be felt by customers!- according to Delhaize-

Eurofiber will provide Delhaize with a fast access fiber connection for its shops, distribution centres and campuses. But what impact will this have on customers? According to information from the Belang van Limburg, it will significantly improve the shopping experience for customers, especially with the ‘smart’ shelves. “We are very proud that Delhaize will soon be the very first Belgian retailer to have a 40 gigabit data access connection. This is the fastest fiber optic internet access connection installed in Belgium to date,” says Hans Witdouck, CEO of Eurofiber.

Customers will be able to enjoy high-tech gadgets that make shopping more efficient, more pleasant and less expensive. Smart shelves indicate when products are out of stock and need to be restocked. This is just one of the new features that will be introduced with fiber optics!


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