Akeneo Unveils its Spring 2024 Release featuring AI-Powered innovations and deeper integrations with Salesforce 

Akeneo’s strategic expansions set the stage for its Spring 2024 innovations

March 6, 2024 – LONDON – Akeneo, the Product Experience (PX) company and leading provider of Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, announced at the PX World Conference, Akeneo Unlock 2024, innovative capabilities in its latest release.  Powered by its 2022 fundraising and 2023 growth, these capabilities reinforce Akeneo’s commitment to creating a world where every product interaction is an experience that guides consumers and professionals to the best purchase, anytime, anywhere.

Ubiquitous AI in Akeneo Product Cloud

Akeneo’s App Marketplace offers clients the most extensive options on the market for leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for PX.  Now, thanks to its acquisition of Unifai last year, Akeneo has rapidly incorporated some of the most impactful AI use cases natively into Akeneo PIM and Akeneo Supplier Data Manager, with specially tuned AI that is expert at data onboarding, enrichment, mapping, cleansing and categorisation, while continually learning and refining its capabilities with each step it takes.

Customers will now be able to leverage:

  • PIM with customisable generative AI to create bulk product descriptions and romance copy across the entire product catalogue in minutes
  • PIM with generative AI to translate those descriptions into more than 50 languages
  • Supplier Data Manager now with native AI for onboarding suppliers faster and more efficiently by automating mapping, normalisation, categorisation and enrichment of supplier data

Akeneo App for Salesforce

Akeneo has launched the Akeneo App for Salesforce on Salesforce AppExchange, a leading enterprise marketplace for partner app and experts. The Akeneo App for Salesforce empowers customers to leverage complete, compelling and consistent product information to unlock the full potential of Salesforce. This customisable app brings high-quality product information and assets into Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Experience Cloud, driving greater efficiency, higher sales volumes, and better customer service by giving customer-facing teams instant access to product information that drives more meaningful engagement with the people who are buying and using their products and powering digital commerce. 

Deployed together, the Akeneo PIM, part of Akeneo Product Cloud, connects people to products in the Salesforce system where they work, every day. Resulting in:

  • Higher sales on B2B and D2C Commerce sites with accurate, up-to-date, and localized product information.
  • Sales rep that sell more products, more efficiently, by accessing product descriptions and assets while building quotes and working on Salesforce CRM.
  • Customer service reps that deliver better support by leveraging accurate, complete, and up-to-date product information when resolving cases in Salesforce Service Cloud.

“As we unveil our Spring 2024 release, we’re celebrating the fruits of Akeneo’s strategic evolution,” said Fred de Gombert, CEO of Akeneo.  “Our journey since the 2022 fundraising has been one of bold steps and breakthroughs, leveling Akeneo up the competitive rungs of product experience management solutions.  This year we’re thrilled to celebrate recent success and propel ourselves to new levels of growth.”

“Every product has a story to tell,” added de Gombert.  “Companies have a difficult task to make those stories both informative and compelling throughout the customer journey.  Akeneo is on a mission to empower business leaders with software, education and an engaged community all focused on the practice of product experience management.”

Additional PIM and Activation capabilities featured in this Spring 2024 release include:

  • On top of the 250+ existing marketplaces and retailers, Akeneo adds activation destinations including Grainger and Wayfair for easier syndication of product information
  • Configurable Enrichment Workflows that guide users through the enrichment process and ensure content passes quality checks before publication
  • Product Family Templates that speed up catalogue modeling
  • Simultaneous Work capabilities that enhance collaboration and prevent conflicts with real-time visibility into product content changes
  • New business analytics that track sales performance of products across different channels and markets

Recent additions to the Akeneo App Marketplace include:


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