iHunt4  selected as the best retail technology startups By USA Retail federation

US National Retail Federation select iHunt4  to display within the distinguished zone as one of the industry’s best retail technology startups. This prestigious selection entitles iHunt4 to showcase its retail treasure hunt capabilities at the world’s largest retail conference and expo in New York City, January 16-18, 2022.

NRF organizes the world’s largest retail conference in New York once a year with nearly 30,000 retailers, vendors, and industry experts, NRF 2022 is an unmatched networking opportunity for iHunt4. This selection positions iHunt4 in front of global venture capital and retail partnership opportunities.

iHunt4 is creating the world’s largest metaverse treasure hunt that connects players to real prizes integrated directly with retail providers. Retailers win by increased foot traffic, loyalty, and branding in an innovative way to attract customers at scale. The platform was created as a fun way to link retailers’ branded augmented reality to new customers who win real prizes, promotions, and even cryptocurrency. iHunt4 secret weapon includes IGC (In-Game Credit) which is a play to earn cryptocurrency listed on multiple decentralized exchanges.

“At IGC iHunt4, we are excited to be selected as one of the top retail innovation startups to watch at retail’s largest event, the NRF’s Big Show is where the industry goes to get inspired and accelerate into the future in a post covid world. In 2022 our team has scheduled rollouts across the US with major partners and city business organizations as we connect retailers with our innovative platform” mentioned Simon Church CEO of iHunt4.

iHunt4 is in prime position at the show as the treasure hunt technology connects retailers to customers to increase additional foot traffic. While many people wonder what the metaverse is all about, iHunt4 is now center stage to connect augmented reality with the real retail world.

Member for Hornsby and the treasurer for New South Wales Matt Kean is thrilled a local business will be hitting the world stage.

“IGC is leveling up and taking Hornsby to the Big Apple. I want to congratulate Simon and his team for what they have achieved,” Mr. Kean said.

The iHunt4 team is working side by side with major US cities and business commerce groups on large-scale city rollouts on post covid business recovery planning. iHunt4 will be meeting with multiple cities groups and business chambers while roadshowing the technology across the United States in 2022.

iHunt4’s innovative technology integrates with the IGC (In-Game Credit) cryptocurrency which is a valuable utility asset currently trading on multiple exchanges. The cryptocurrency is given out as a “Play to Earn” credit to customers that discover augmented reality characters while on the treasure hunt. iHunt4 is metaverse, gaming, loyalty, and payment technology that helps to connect retailers in a post covid environment.

“We are excited for this opportunity to showcase at the NRF’s Retail’s Big Show, annual conference and expo, as it unites the industry with insightful sessions, the newest tech, and the opportunity to make connections with retail visionaries” mentioned Simon Church.


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