World’s Top-Selling Snack Revealed

New study reveals the most popular snack brands – Oreo tops the list 

  • A new study has identified the most popular US food brands based on Instagram hashtags.  
  • Oreo has been revealed as by far the most popular brand, with a whopping 9.7 million Instagram hashtags.   
  • Other popular snack brands include Kit Kat, which has over 3.7 million hashtags, and Snickers, which has over 1.7 million Instagram tags.  

A new study has revealed the most popular food and snack brands, with big names such as Oreo, Kit Kat, and Snickers topping the list.  

The findings, compiled by promotions and loyalty experts Snipp Interactive, used YouGov data to discover the US’s top food and snack brands. They then analyzed each brand’s number of Instagram hashtags to determine which brands have the most loyal and engaged customers.  

1. Oreo   

Oreo is ranked as the most popular food brand on Instagram, with a staggering 9,776,758 hashtags – a whopping six million more than any other food brand in the ranking.   

With an impressive social following of 3.6 million on Instagram, Oreo benefits from plenty of user-generated content, with people tagging their delicious creations, from Oreo milkshakes to Oreo cakes. The ranking highlights Oreo as the most aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable snack brand.   

 The delicious cookies are clearly a favorite as, according to research, 71.26 million Americans consumed Nabisco Oreo (Regular) in 2020 – making it one of the most popular cookies in the US.   

Furthermore, according to YouGov data, an impressive 98% of Americans have heard of the brand, and 76% of people have a positive opinion of it, indicating Oreo is currently dominating across the states.  

2. Kit Kat  

Ranking as the second most popular food brand is Kit Kat, with 3,783,190 Instagram hashtags. The globally recognized brand, known for its iconic combination of crispy wafers covered in smooth milk chocolate, is clearly an Instagram favorite.  

Users are tagging Kit Kat in plenty of tasty content, including Kit Kat cakes, milkshakes, and ice cream creations, similar to their competitor Oreo.   

What’s more, according to research, a staggering 1,192 million Kit Kat bars are sold in the United States alone every year – an extremely impressive figure. Moreover, according to YouGov data, Kit Kat has a popularity score of 79%, and 98% of respondents have heard of the brand, solidifying Kit Kat’s position as one of the most beloved US food brands.  

3. Snickers   

Another iconic chocolate brand, Snickers, is placed in third place, with 1,756,558 Instagram hashtags.   

The brand benefits from plenty of excellent user-generated content, helping grow its Instagram following. People are getting creative and sharing their mouth-watering creations, using Snickers bars in various cakes and cookies. Moreover, creators are even developing healthier snacks, such as Snickers protein bites and overnight oat recipes.  

According to YouGov data, 77% of people have a favorable opinion of the brand, solidifying its place in the ranking.   

4. Doritos   

Doritos claims the fourth spot with 1,066,146 hashtags on Instagram. The brand has earned the title of most popular chips in the US, ranking higher than its major competitors, such as Pringles and Lay’s.   

The brand constantly releases new flavours, and consumers are clearly loyal to the brand sharing their favourite flavours and new finds on Instagram, helping Doritos to build its 1 million followers on Instagram.   

5. Hershey  

Ranking as the fifth most beloved food brand is Hershey, with 1,060,904 Instagram hashtags. The brand is an undeniable favorite within the states, as evidenced by YouGov data, which revealed that 98% of people recognize the brand, and 77% have a positive opinion of Hershey.   

Instagram users are sharing all their favorite Hershey treats and homemade desserts, including cakes, cookies, donuts, and plenty of other mouth-watering recipes.   

6. Ben & Jerry’s  

Ben & Jerry’s secures the sixth spot with 1,020,212 Instagram hashtags. The iconic brand, renowned for its decadent ice cream flavors, has been named the most popular US ice cream brand, evident in its impressive 1.5 million Instagram followers.  

Data suggests that 97% of people have heard of the brand, making it one of the most famous desert brands in the states, and Instagram users are keen to share their ice cream creations, with over a million users tagging Ben & Jerry’s on the platform.   

7. Reese’s   

Ranking seventh is Reese’s, with 969,059 Instagram hashtags. The iconic brand, renowned for its combination of peanut butter and chocolate, has solidified its position as one of the most beloved candy brands in the US.   

Fans of the chocolate have been experimenting and sharing their creations on Instagram, with recipes and videos for Reese’s cookies, cakes, and brownies.  

8. Pringles   

Pringles claims the eighth spot with 904,509 Instagram hashtags. The brand, known for its iconic potato chips, has a dedicated fan base that loves to share their favorite flavors.   

9. Lay’s   

Lay’s, another chip brand, ranks ninth with 795,842 Instagram tags. Users are tagging the brand in plenty of delicious content, ranging from classic flavors to more adventurous options, making it another aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable snack brand.  

10. Cheetos   

Finally, rounding out the top ten is Cheetos with 784,364 Instagram hashtags. The brand is another popular snack choice, with consumers staying loyal and sharing videos and pictures of their Cheetos snacks on Instagram.   

Top 10 US Food and Snack Brands:  

Rank Brand Number of Instagram Hashtags 
1 Oreo 9,776,758 
2 Kit Kat 3,783,190 
3 Snickers 1,756,558 
4 Doritos 1,066,146 
5 Hershey 1,060,904 
6 Ben & Jerry’s 1,020,212 
7 Reese’s 969,059 
8 Pringles 904,509 
9 Lay’s 795,842 
10 Cheetos 784,364 

Commenting on the findings, Atul Sabharwal, Founder and CEO of Snipp Interactive, says: “The popularity of American food and snack brands is impressive, with some brands accumulating millions of hashtags on Instagram. This reflects their exceptionally loyal customer base, which provides brands with fantastic engagement and reach via social media.  

“Oreo’s dominance is extremely impressive, with over 9.7 million hashtags, demonstrating its overwhelming popularity among consumers, as evidenced by its whopping six million more hashtags than any other food or snack brand in the ranking. It’s evident from the research that the US market favors tasty snack brands when sharing online, with candy and chip brands claiming the top ten positions.  

“Utilizing hashtags on Instagram significantly enhances brand visibility, helping brands reach their target audience more effectively. It’s clear that many big brands are making the most of social media, with Oreo, Kit Kat, Snickers, Ben & Jerry’s, and Hershey’s leading the way as the most Instagrammable food brands on Instagram.”  


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The top twenty brands were collected from YouGov’s The Most Popular Food and Snack Brands (Q4 2023). Any duplicate brands were removed; for example, Reese’s and Reese’s pieces have been listed as just Reese’s.   

Then, each brand name was searched on Instagram via the tags function, revealing the number of hashtags attributed to each brand.   

Food brands, for the purposes of this study, are typically products or product lines, often owned by larger consumer packaged goods companies, that are recognized (and talked about) by consumers as unique brands. 

Top US Food and Snack Brands:  

Rank  Brand Number of Instagram Hashtags 
1 Oreo 9,776,758 
2 Kit Kat 3,783,190 
3 Snickers 1,756,558 
4 Doritos 1,066,146 
5 Hershey’s 1,060,904 
6 Ben & Jerry’s 1,020,212 
7 Reese’s 969,059 
8 Pringles 904,509 
9 Lay’s 795,842 
10 Cheetos 784,364 
11 Twix 682,486 
12 Heinz 445,560 
13 Cheerios 347,572 
14 M&M’s 346,616 
15 Fritos 307,297 
16 Betty Crocker 268,033 
17 Chips Ahoy! 186,037 
18 Pillsbury 142,944 
19 Tostitos 132,982 
20 Kelloggs 115,285 


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