Celebrating 31 Years of International Supermarket News: The Leading B2B Journal

For over three decades, International Supermarket News (ISN) has been at the forefront of the retail industry, providing invaluable insights and fostering global connections. Founded 31 years ago by the visionary British-Algerian media guru, ISN has established itself as the premier B2B journal in English, serving supermarket buyers, food producers, and industry professionals worldwide.

With offices in New York and London, ISN has worked closely with supermarket buyers from around the globe, promoting trade shows and helping food producers navigate globalization and market penetration. Our market research and retail journal have witnessed and chronicled the industry’s remarkable evolution—from technological advancements to the growth of supermarket chains expanding from single outlets to thousands of locations.

As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the progress and innovations that have shaped the supermarket industry. We remain committed to providing cutting-edge market research, insightful analysis, and comprehensive coverage of the trends and developments driving the retail sector.

Join us in celebrating 31 years of excellence and looking forward to many more years of growth and transformation in the world of supermarkets!


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