SIAL Paris 2024: Celebrating 60 Years of Food Innovation

SIAL Paris 2024: Celebrating 60 Years of Food Innovation

SIAL Paris, the world’s largest food industry trade fair, is set to celebrate its 60th anniversary from October 19-23, 2024, at the Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte. This landmark event, themed “Own the Change,” will bring together industry professionals to explore future trends, showcase innovations, and address global food challenges.

Key Highlights and Innovations

  1. SIAL Innovation and SIAL Start-Up: Continuing its tradition of fostering innovation, SIAL Paris 2024 will feature the SIAL Innovation and SIAL Start-Up hubs. These platforms will spotlight groundbreaking products and concepts, doubling the number of promising start-ups compared to previous years. Exhibitors will present cutting-edge solutions and products, with a focus on sustainability and technological advancements​ (Food Industry News)​​ (The Food Institute)​.
  2. New Layout and Exhibitor Arrangement: To enhance the visitor experience, the exhibition will feature a new layout, grouping exhibitors by product type. This change responds to feedback from 80% of visitors who preferred a thematic organization of stands, making it easier to navigate the vast array of offerings​ (The Food Institute)​.
  3. SIAL Summits: Introducing a new conference format, the SIAL Summits will cover four critical themes: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), AI & Deeptech, Food Supply Chain, and the African Food Summit. These summits will provide in-depth discussions and insights into the future of the food industry, featuring expert panels and strategic partners​ (SIAL Paris)​.
  4. Global Participation and Representation: This year’s event promises extensive international participation, with significant pavilions from countries like Italy, China, Ukraine, India, Côte d’Ivoire, and Senegal. For the first time, Uganda, Libya, and Iraq will also be represented, highlighting SIAL’s commitment to diversity and global reach​ (The Food Institute)​.
  5. Special Events and Celebrations: Marking its 60th anniversary, SIAL Paris will host numerous special events and activities. These include a retrospective of the fair’s history and a forward-looking vision of food innovation. Audrey Ashworth, SIAL Paris’s Director, emphasizes the dynamic and festive nature of this year’s edition, aiming to create memorable experiences for all attendees​ (Food Industry News)​​ (The Food Institute)​.

Practical Information

With an expected attendance of 285,000 professionals and over 7,500 exhibitors, SIAL Paris 2024 is set to offer unparalleled networking and business opportunities. Exhibitors are encouraged to secure their space early, as 90% of the exhibition space is already reserved. Visitors can purchase tickets and plan their visit via the official SIAL Paris website​ (SIAL Paris)​​ (Food Industry News)​​ (SIAL Paris)​.

SIAL Paris 2024 will not only celebrate six decades of innovation but also serve as a catalyst for future developments in the global food industry. Join the event to be part of the transformative journey shaping the future of food.


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