Retail after the lockdown

Supermarkets and food retailers showed a good sales growth in March , according to ONS The office of national statistics during the month shoppers rushed to the local supermarkets to stock foods and grocery products

Online shopping has reached a record sales last month, but the rest of the retail industry exclude supermarkets and grocery stores have suffered a big loss during the time of lockdown, when they were ordered to close down by the government . 

Petrol sales were down by 3 % as most workers did not have to use their cars during the lockdown to go to work,

The retail industry was already in crisis before the coronavirus Riad Beladi a Retail analyst commented , the normal retail shopping and the high street will take a long time to recover from this crisis, the consumer behaviours analysis that we did, showed thet the changes in the way we shop will send the high street retailers to the wall , some retailers need to be in touch with reality, most people now buy cloths online, the price that is driving factor to this big changes in the way we shop .

according to a survey conducted by ISN magazine , now young people prefer to use appsin their phones to order take aways , food cloths etc , it is more convinient, for cloths shopping and other items price is the drive to shop online, and the changees are accelerating  


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