What More UK: Keeping the Country’s Shelves Stocked

What More UK, the Altham based manufacturer of housewares, is doing everything it can to keep supermarket shelves stocked with Bakeware products.

Ever since the coronavirus lockdown began people have been searching for ways to keep busy at home. Now the Government has announced it will continue the furlough scheme for another 4 months, until October, the home baking craze seems set to continue.

Tony Grimshaw, director of What More UK, explained:

“There are two types of people in the UK at the moment. There are those at home on furlough looking for things to do, and there are those working harder than ever to make up for the staffing restrictions. We all just want the best for the nation.”

There are currently more than 7 million people in the UK on furlough leave. People are using the time to regain traditional skills, like arts and crafts, DIY, gardening, and of course home baking.

Mr. Grimshaw, who last year was named “Kitchen Hero” in the Innovation Housewares Awards, continued:

“If you’ve got time on your hands, and the kids are off school, home baking is the perfect activity. Making a loaf of bread requires time and patience, but the end product is easily worth the effort.”

“With schools closed and children at home, parents are being thrown into the deep end in terms of keeping up their education. Home baking is an ideal way to teach the kids some life skills.”

UK retailers are selling bakeware products and cookware as fast as the shelves can be stocked.

What More UK, who have had to set up night shifts to keep up with demand, are supporting the nation in this time of crisis.

The company supplies several brands of kitchen products, including the much-loved Baker & Salt brand of enamel oven trays, and the patented “Push Pan” cake tins which have a unique silicone sealed base. Like similar products, the base lifts out to make removing the final baked goods easier, but unlike other products on the market the base has a silicone seal around it which prevents leakage.

What More UK also produce the famous home storage brand Wham and they manufacture many other products under licence such as supermarket own labels and they even make products for well known TV chefs. They are proud members of Made in Britain, the organisation which promotes UK manufacturing at home and abroad. They have also won the Innovations Housewares Awards in both 2019 and 2020, and Queen’s Award for Enterprise, and Mr. Grimshaw himself has an OBE for his contribution to British commerce.

For more information about What More UK please visit the website: www.whatmoreuk.com


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