Apple prices exhibit an upward trend, reflecting the seasonal preference for winter fruits.

Fruit Market Dynamics: Pomegranate Prices to Ease, Pears and Kiwi on the Rise

By George Jones Editor SA

In a recent analysis of the fruit market conducted by Otipy, a B2C e-commerce platform, it has been projected that the prices of various fruits will remain stable until January, with certain exceptions driven by seasonal factors. Here’s a breakdown of the key findings:

Pomegranates: After reaching a peak of Rs 258.0 in October, pomegranate prices are anticipated to drop to Rs 131 by January. This shift is attributed to increased festive demand and limited off-season supply in October, which is expected to normalize as the season progresses.

Pears and Kiwi: The analysis reveals that while papayas maintain stability, kiwi prices are expected to surge to Rs 96, and pears are projected to rise to Rs 182 in January 2024 from Rs 147 in October 2023. These changes indicate vivid shifts in fruit prices, possibly influenced by market dynamics and consumer preferences.

Apples: With a peak at Rs 130.3 in November, apple prices exhibit an upward trend, reflecting the seasonal preference for winter fruits.


  • Tomatoes: Experiencing a significant decline from Rs 95.5 in August to an expected Rs 25.3 by January, tomatoes showcase a pattern likely influenced by the winter harvest influx.
  • Capsicum: Surging to Rs 95.2 in October, capsicum prices are poised to drop to Rs 40 by January, responding to market changes.
  • Potatoes: Remaining remarkably stable, potatoes indicate a balanced supply chain.
  • Others: Bottle gourd, bhindi, and sponge gourd showcase varied trends, while ginger and carrot prices are anticipated to undergo significant decreases, reflecting the evolving dynamics in the vegetable market.

This analysis provides valuable insights into the fluctuations in fruit and vegetable prices, highlighting the influence of seasonal factors, consumer demand, and supply chain dynamics. As we approach January, the market is expected to see continued stability, with certain items experiencing shifts in response to evolving conditions.


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