Kooomo launches new Help Centre as a knowledge hub for users

 Kooomo launches new Help Centre as a knowledge hub for users

Kooomo has created the detailed Help Centre on its website, which empowers and supports customers, agency and tech partners to be independent using the Kooomo platform

Digital eCommerce solutions specialist, Kooomo is delighted to announce the launch of the Kooomo Help Centre on its website. The Kooomo Knowledge Centre is a collection of guides and FAQ’s that help empower customers and users to achieve independence of the platform.

The new Help Centre is exclusively aimed at Kooomo’s customers, technology and agency partners, allowing them to grow their knowledge of the platform, to work independently and get the most out of Kooomo’s features. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to run a successful store on the Kooomo platform. To achieve this, Kooomo employees will regularly update the Kooomo Knowledge Centre with the latest information.

Updates and improvements can be expected to be made to the help centre on a regular basis alongside the regular updates of the platform itself. Kooomo is extremely proud to be providing this knowledge base for its end users.

Speaking on the announcement, Ciaran Bollard, CEO at Kooomo, says “After much work we are delighted to release Help.Kooomo.com to empower and support our customers, agency and tech partners to be independent using the Kooomo platform.

This is an extension of our strategy to deliver rapid eCommerce solutions for our customers. On the back of the pandemic, we recognise that customers want to implement and migrate within weeks not months so we are delighted that this is now a reality.”

Kooomo has also employed the use of AI technology to create a chatbot to further assist users if needed. With this, they can easily find the information they are looking for. If the user cannot locate a specific topic in the help centre, thanks to the AI bot it will be possible to chat with a team member directly with a momentary response.

Kooomo is working to improve the independence of its stakeholders in order to improve the overall customer experience of the platform while also reducing the number of tickets that go through its live agent help centre. This, in turn, should allow for a faster resolution of tickets where they are necessary and a minimised queue time for assistance.


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