Redwigwam launches 24/7 Availability after successful Kellogg’s pilot

Redwigwam launches 24/7 Availability after successful Kellogg’s pilot

Redwigwam, the UK’s leading provider of flexible workers, is rolling out its new 24/7 Availability service after a successful pilot with Kellogg Company.

The service provides brands with a unique, targeted solution to the key issues that can prevent consumers from getting their hands-on products – problems with distribution, availability and promotion.

It has been invaluable during the Covid-19 crisis with the increased pressures on food producers, retailers and other parts of the supply chain.

Redwigwam has around 130,000 workers and 3,500 employers on its database. Like an online dating site, its AI powered tech platform uses algorithms to match within minutes workers with employers’ short-term or ad-hoc opportunities with 98% of posts filled within 4 hours.

The company has been supporting established, new and challenger brands in-store via crowdsourcing and field marketing for many years to give them the insight and action in-store.

24/7 Availability taps into the vast resource of wigwammers around the UK. As soon as a brand identifies an in-store problem, the job is listed on Redwigwam’s platform where workers with the right skillset in those locations are matched to the role.

Once the jobs have been accepted, wigwammers are then deployed to the store to assess the problem. Results, key actions and relevant photographs are shared immediately via Redwigwam’s app so that each intervention can be tracked and accounted for.

Recent jobs have included correcting a misplaced promotional SEL, setting up skus properly on the store’s system and ensuring products are on shelf. In most cases, a job listed by 9.30am will be completed within 12 hours.

Because Redwigwam is online it can be open 24/7 which means that somebody can place an advert late at night and the worker can start work early the next morning.

Catherine Parkin, Sales Director at Redwigwam, said: “24/7 Availability is a really exciting development for Redwigwam which is already delivering some fantastic results for our FMCG clients.

“For one of our most recent projects, the client measured a £10 return on investment for every £1 spent with us. That’s the power of cutting off mistakes, human errors and supply issues quickly.

“Whether brands already have their own field sales team or not, this has the potential to be a game changer for them by enabling in-store issues to be corrected within just a few hours.”

Simon Smith, Head of Field Sales at Kellogg Company, said: “We were really excited to partner with Redwigwam on 24/7 Availability and have seen some great results delivered from it.

“This solution enables us to use retailer data effectively to fix issues within hours in stores that our own team aren’t visiting that day. Following a successful pilot which delivered a great ROI we’ve now built this into our 2020 plans to roll out.”

Redwigwam was established in Liverpool in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Lorna Davidson who previously founded field marketing agency Tactical Solutions, which she sold in 2011 for £29 million.


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