Carrefour becomes the first retailer in Europe to combine its loyalty program with Apple Pay for use with Apple Wallet.

As of today, Carrefour customers can add their customer loyalty card to their Apple Wallet and use it at store checkouts. This allows them to use their iPhone or Apple Watch as a contactless means to pay for their shopping and take advantage of all the benefits provided by their Carrefour loyalty program.  

Now, they simply need to bring their iPhone or Apple Watch close to the payment terminal and the Carrefour customer loyalty card will automatically appear on the screen so they can collect points. There’s no need to scan a barcode, open an app or remember a secret code to use the Carrefour customer loyalty card. Customers can collect their points securely using Face ID, Touch ID or by entering their phone password. 

This makes checkout fully contactless – a safer and more confidential way to pay. When Carrefour customers make a purchase using Apple Pay, the customer loyalty card is automatically shown on their iPhone or Apple Watch – so they can pay and collect points in one fell swoop.

Thanks to this technology, customers get to enjoy an improved, more practical shopping experience, as well as being able to use a secure, contactless means of payment. 

This innovation is now available in Carrefour stores in France. 

This integration with Apple Wallet and Apple Pay is unique in Europe and provides our customers with a new service designed to make their day-to-day lives easier. Contactless payment is an increasingly popular alternative, and by integrating the Carrefour customer loyalty card into Apple Wallet, we are doing more than simply providing an additional payment option – customers can now pay for their shopping seamlessly, in a completely contactless manner. Once again, Carrefour is delivering on its aim to be at the cutting-edge of digital innovation.Declared Marie Cheval, Executive Director of Group Financial Services and Hypermarkets

We are delighted to be able to give Carrefour customers the option to use their loyalty cards with Apple Pay so they can enjoy a completely contactless payment experience, and pay for their shopping simply by bringing their iPhone Apple Watch close to the payment terminal. Using Apple Pay and the Carrefour customer loyalty card in Apple Wallet isn’t just simple and practical: The power of iPhone means that all transactions are more secure and people’s personal data is better protected
added Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Internet Services

This technological innovation has been deployed across stores by Market Pay, the Carrefour Group’s payment fintech company.

How to add the Carrefour loyalty card to Apple Wallet 

On iPhone, update and open up the Carrefour app or visit (and log on to your account). Press “Add to Apple Wallet” and follow the instructions to add your Carrefour customer loyalty card to your Apple Wallet. Play Video

Apple Pay is easy to configure

On iPhone, simply open the Wallet app and press +. Then follow the instructions to add your credit or debit cards. Each Apple Pay purchase is secure and is not limited to €50, since it is authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID or your phone’s access code. 

This autumn, customers will also be able to use Apple Pay to make online purchases on and using the Carrefour app.

More information about the Carrefour customer loyalty card with Apple Wallet :    
The Carrefour customer loyalty card is available for free in all stores, from the website or mobile app and by phone.


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