Carrefour chooses Pricer as preferred ESL supplier for worldwide installations

Pricer announces that the retail group Carrefour has chosen Pricer as preferred  supplier for new ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) installations and upgrading of stores that are already equipped with Pricer’s ESL. Although the framework agreement contains no commitments with regard to volumes or amounts, the intent is to deploy the Pricer system in approximately 500 stores before the end of 2022.

The grocery chain Carrefour plans to leverage Pricer’s advanced in-store communication and management system to equip and upgrade all store formats (hypermarkets, supermarkets,  proximity stores and cash & carry) in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Taiwan.

Pricer’s real-time, reliable and easy-to-use ESL system provides the platform for Carrefour to continue to enhance both store efficiency and customer experience.

Some of the key capabilities are:

  • Instant Flash – The energy-efficient flash light provides a clear visibility up and down the aisle, enabling use cases like promo-flash, pick-to-light, a more efficient product replenishment and early detection of expiry dates.
  • Geo-location – With 1-meter precision to know, at any given moment, the ESL’s position in the store. This feature is useful to address merchandise management challenges like planogram generation.
  • Display of store management data – Such as minimal stock, replenishment day, average sales or product’s EAN.
  • Automated price management – Including advanced promotion management.
  • Cloud – Reduces time-to-market, accelerates innovation and enables efficiency in line with Carrefour’s cloud strategy.

“After a thorough evaluation of all the main manufacturers in the ESL market, we are very pleased to select Pricer as our preferred worldwide supplier in this area, says Miguel Angel González Gisbert, Global CTO at Carrefour. “Pricer has been a key partner over the last 20 years and continues to offer leading capabilities when it comes to quality of display, efficiency, simplicity and features such as pick-to-light that were demonstrated in the field during the selection process.”

“We are thrilled to be selected by Carrefour to provide our unique, robust and highly scalable in-store system”, says Helena Holmgren, CEO at Pricer. “It’s strengthening to see that Carrefour did a rigorous evaluation of several manufacturers in the marketplace and on that basis has selected Pricer as the standard solution for all Carrefour store formats worldwide.”


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