Algeria can be an important supplier to Europe in Fresh produce

By Dino Putchek

Algeria can be an important supplier to Europe in Fresh produce

Over the past 60 years  Algeria did not play any role in supplying the world with fruit and vegetables, the production hardly satisfied the local market,  in the last decade with the drop in oIl and Gas prices the Algerian governments are encouraging producers to look for other markets , the country is only half an hour from Europe, “The potential is very big we just need to tune ourselves to the European market, Mastering the logistic and the marketing is an essential point that we need to focus on in the next 5 years , we are looking for European companies to join us in this venture that ’s going to be very productive, for the Algerians and our European partners, The Wfv show in 2021 will put the country in the international platform”  Mr Zemouchi commented .    

The wfv show will be launched with the ABN magazine produced by another British company , Algerian Business News magazine and web news will be aimed at European Businesses who are looking for a distributor , a partnership or to invest in Algeria, with 75% of its circulation between Europe and the middle east ABN Magazine is targeting businesses to look at Algeria potential .



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