A Nifty Variety from Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd.

 A Nifty Variety from Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd. 

 Jason Rees Managing Director Abergavenny

Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd – market leader in the British retail and food service sector. Creativity, passion, commitment – the ingredients used by the company to develop finger food and snacks for the deep-frozen and fresh food segment. Since April Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd has belonged to the Frostkrone Food Group. 

This company employs a workforce of 200 at its headquarters in South Wales. It was only in 2016 that the completely new, cutting-edge plant was built. Thanks to the innovative product lines, the last years have witnessed strong economic growth. Because of its extensive finger food and snack selection, not only has Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd long been able to conquer the British market but it also enjoys success as a popular retailer of easy-to-handle creations in Australia, Japan and the USA. Its customers represent reputable and internationally operating foodstuff and food service brands. With products like Halloumi Fries, Jalapeño Poppers, Mac’n’Cheese Croquettes and Jaffa Cake Bites, consumers are eager to buy. 

“We are as agile as possible for customers so as to meet market wishes and trends in a flexible way. Because we are able to implement ideas from the initial briefing right up to delivery of goods without relying on external resources, we are extremely flexible and also able to bring about customer-specific changes quickly,” explains Managing Director Jason Rees. In all this the company views local responsibility and environmentally friendly operations very seriously. So raw materials, especially, are sourced from local suppliers. During production, attention is paid to the use of clean energy and to comprehensive recycling. 

Free-From Products: Exploiting Market Potential 

Now that the free-from segment is currently very much in demand, Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd is also riding high with a trendy product selection and well-thought-out recipes including plant-based Camembert Mets, plant-based Cheddar Sticks and also plant-based Mac&Cheese Balls. 

Frédéric Dervieux CEO of the Frostkrone Food Group has this to say: “Thinking and acting in a visionary way. Our philosophy exactly! We are delighted that Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd now belongs to our Company Group.” 

With Frédéric Dervieux at the helm, the Frostkrone Food Group has grown internationally at an impressive rate since 2017, from just two locations in Germany to seven plants altogether – two in France, two in Great Britain and one in the USA. The Frostkrone Food Group brings 

together under its umbrella a high-octane concentration of diverse finger food and snack products, well received in supermarket freezers, in the food service sector and at snack stations The Frostkrone Food Group sees itself as a strong partner for its customers and it boasts excellent international links. 

“We’re planning for the future. The finger food and snack market is continuing to grow and we, as an innovation driver, want to constantly grow with it,” underlines Frédéric Dervieux. 

The team from Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd is looking forward to becoming instrumental in the Group’s future. Collaboration on new product ideas has already begun. 

More information at https://abergavenny.uk.com 


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